I need to clip my toenails.

I probably shouldn’t be posting since I only have about 2 hours to get a lot of stuff done, after that Mike, Maz and I are going to go to the lake and kayak (sp?). Mike has catching with Rob right now, that’s why we’re waiting. Plus it’s f-ing hot out there right now. Lol, remember at Mike F’s house when I was saying “What the s?” and stuff like that? lol. That was funny.

Hmm the past couple days I have actually been putting thought into my apperance. And getting praise for it [aww]. I wonder why…?

Okay! Yesterday I did nothing all day, which was kind of nice for a change, since I’m usually freaken busy. I washed my car and put my tinkerbell sticker on. ^^ Then around 4 I talked to my Ne [:D] and we planned on hanging out that night. We ended up hanging out at the beach with Maz, Tyler, Terinn, Brian, and Mike. Then we went to Mike’s and watched Minority Report/ Empire Records. I like Empire records a lot. 😀

This is my schedule for next year:

SPEECH-100 — MWF 08.00AM-08.50AM
MATH-110 — MWF 09.00AM-09.50AM
HISTORY-110A — MWF 10.00AM-10.50AM
(an hour for lunch!)
PSYCHOLOGY-101 — MWF 12.00PM-12.50PM

So, I’m taking 12 units, which they reccomended, and I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off :D! That’s kind of good, that way I can work and maybe I can get Saturday and Sunday off! (please!!) Or I can go visit Mike. ;D And I’m done by 1 everyday, so I can work/study. I’m getting kind of excited for college. Also, I want to join the Anime club. ^^;

Mike, as soon as you read this email me the pictures from AX!

mood: content! ^^
book: I haven’t started it yet, but it’s On the Road.
song: “My Faith” – Day After Tomorrow