Oh the Green Eyes, you’re the one that I wanted to find

This man is hot.

I’m jealous because Greg is going to Japan and I’m not. He’s going to Hokkaido to do some missionary work. Granted, it’s nowhere near Tokyo and he might not even get to go there, but still. I’m jealous nonetheless. He won’t be back for 6 weeks! How sad. 🙁 Mike and I went to breakfast with him this morning to say byee. Even though we didn’t really. I gave him a drawing that said Bon Voyage on it.

I bought the next volume of Chobits today. Yum. I can’t wait until I can find the last two volumes. Then my collection will be complete!! MWAHAHAAAA…

I have to go babysit soon. No. 🙁

mood: tired. z_z
song: Green Eyes – Coldplay