I want to go to the beach.

But I can’t because the weather is poopie. Stupid weather. Currently I’m at Mike’s house waiting for him to come back from going to the hardware store with his dad. I feel like snooping around on his computer, but I won’t. What a good person I am! He has one of those natural keyboards that is hard to deal with. It makes me cry.

I don’t know what we’re going to do today. Yesterday we went to the spectrum, I bought the items for my Naru costume [now I just need shoes and necklace]. I need like a bazillion parts still for the Rikku costume. I have the shorts and the shirt, but they still need to be modified. I’ll do it next week… Mike will be working, I’ll have nothing to do all day besides work on those dern costumes. I have NO idea how I’m going to do the shoes. No clue. I’m going to look at Michael’s today for parts. Hoopefully they have belt buckles and whatnot. Otherwise I’ll have to make them and that won’t be fun. I should look in Mike’s room and see if he has goggles of some kind. And I still have to make his Seifer costume, ayyy. We have no parts for that yet. I suspect I’ll have to do a lot of sewing next week. And the night before AX. 😀


You are Agent Smith-
You are Agent Smith, from “The Matrix.”
No one would ever want to run into you in a
dark alley. Cold as steel, tough as a rock,
things are your way or the highway.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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You will die young, doing something daring.  Your death will be tragic.  Sorry.
Young. Really young. I’d say anywhere from 15-35.
But you’ll go out with a bang. You’ll get in a
car accident or be shot. You’ll never have to
see yourself get old. Sad though. Really sad.
By the way, its common knowledge that more
people with great goals and aspirations die
young. And if you want to die old, you’ll die
young and vice versa.

At what age will you die?
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No. 🙁

not a killer
You wouldnt kill even if the circumstances were
live or die something to represent your kind

How would you kill someone
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You should be an Aries, your Outgoing, smart, and
Strong, but you sometimes can be arrogant,
insecure, and jealous.

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~
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Quizzes because I’m bored…

Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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I’m dumb…

You come from the Ocean. You’ve always been drawn
to the sea, the sound of the waves, the crystal
blue water, near the sea is where you belong.

Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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