Where should I start?

Wow I haven’t posted a real post since Tuesday. :: cracks knuckles. :: Let’s get started!

Wednesday was Senior Awards night. Yeah… I think that’s all that happened that day.

Thursday was PROM, after our last day of school. We took lots of pictures and stuff, wow… hard to believe that there’s only finals then graduation!! I had so much fun at Prom, it was cwazy. I danced all night long with Mike, danced with friends too a little bit, but mostly Mike, hehe. It was really nicely decorated in my opinion, and I loved the crap that they gave us 😀 it was awesome! then we went to mike’s house and played ddr and watched analyze that [or in my case, slept through it… bwahaha]. that was probably my favorite part of the night, sleeping next to mike on the couch, just holding each other… [/corny]. hehehe. we had a lot of people a la casa de mike… maz, arian, kelsey, jorge, becca, rob, kim a., kim b., tommy, karen, logan, me, mike, lisa, harry… yeah… only mike, me, maz, kelsey, kim a., karen, logan, lisa and harry spent the night though.

The next day mike headed off to baseball and the rest of us watched “what women want” muaha. I took a shower and borrowed clothes, then headed off to mike’s game in upland, which they won. After the game there were some problems and mike ended up having to be home by 9. 🙁 I took this opportunity to do laundry and sleep! 😀

Saturday. Uh… Oh yeah. We went to the Buddhist temple in Irvine for religion. It was boring, but a cool experience. I liked it when they sang. 🙂 Lisa, Vanessa, Maz, Mike and I carpooled over, then Maz, Mike and I went out to El Pollo Loco for lunch, then Mike had to go home and study for a while. I did some laundry and slept because I was tired, yes I was. Once I woke up, Mike and I went out to see “Bruce Almighty” which was pretty good in my opinion. Then we played Risk and I went home.

Today I went to church, then El Torito with Maz, Mike, and his family. It was cool. Now I’m here talking to you fine people after a fight with my mom. What can I say, she’s insane. -_-

mood: Kind of peeved. -_-
song: Um… None.