I Promise, too. 😀

This one time I had an incredibly busy and fun weekend and I had no time to post on this blog. 😀 So here’s a quick rundown. Actually maybe not so quick.

Friday: Waited for Mike to be done with baseball, then we went to the Spectrum and shopped around a bit and watched “The Matrix: Reloaded.” I liked it. I thought the philosophy was kind of dumb, psuedo-intellectual, but the action was cool. And not the action that involved sex like in that one part where it was a huge orgy. After the movie Mike took me home because I was pretty much falling asleep on the way home. Yay!

Saturday: Started the day with a blood test. That is neat. I didn’t get a really bad bruise this time, yeah. 😀 Then I played FFX for a while before I went to teach my mom’s friend’s daughter colorguard who is trying out for Mission. Yay. From there I came home and made some sock puppets for my Spanish Monthy Python puppet show. They are so cute! Then I went and shopped for Prom, which bummed me out a little bit because I was all by myself, and I didn’t know how to do anything. And all these other girls were there getting their hair and makeup done. Yay, that is neat. But then I went to Mike’s house and he cheered me up. ^_^ We set up for the dance lesson his parents were having there that night for some friends. It was sooo fun! We learned this contemporary two-step that was a lot of fun. And swing, too. Then we left to go ice-blocking at the Jeronimo hill, which was fun. It took us a while to find ice blocks because every place was either closed, or not selling them. Then we waited about a half an hour for our friends to arrive. I ended up falling asleep… that was great. ^_^ Then this Asian guy was cussing and screaming at us, then we ice-blocked and Mike and I made a taxi, hehe. Fun!

Sunday: I got up and cleaned out my car, which was infiltrated with grass from ice-blocking. Then to church. Mike was late, haha. Then we went to lunch at Mega Burger. Yum. 😀 Then I went to Downey for a Girl Scout reunion. It was really awkward, yeah, until Teresa got there. Yay I missed Teresa 😀 She used to be my best friend, I guess she still kind of is, hehe. I just hadn’t talked to her in a while. It was fun, we went to the festival at my old school, which is a lot smaller than I remember it being. FUN. Then I went to Mike’s house, we watched “Castle in the Sky” (also known as Laputa). It was really long, but cute. Then I went home and almost fell asleep. 😀 There was an accident, I saw it first-hand before the cops got there. Wow. 🙂

Um I have to make 3 sock puppets now. Tonight is Mandala and I get to read my crap poetry! Yes!

Oh yeah this site is funny. 😀 Things my girlfriend and I have argued about. Shouldn’t people like this break up? But it’s funny so I don’t care. Those silly English. 😀

mood: Content. ^_^
song: “The Devil is Bad” – The W’s. It might be a Christian song (probably) but it’s so damn catchy I can’t help it. 🙁