After a long vacation, here I am…

I scored a 68% on the “How SMCHS are you?” Quizie! What about you?

Ha! I wish it was a vacation. Sorry for all of you avid blog readers, but I accidentally got a life and had no time to blog. But Yeah… so… Thursday, Friday and Saturday I had play. Friday Mike and his family came, and they said I did a very good job and I stole the show [ha, yeah] then mike and I went to ballpark with the drama folk where I kicked ass at Marvel vs. Capcom [as usual]. Sunday was mother’s day. We went to the Queen Mary and had an excellent brunch, then we toured the ship [it’s sooo nice]. Then we hung out with Dawn’s kids.

Guess what I did Saturday? Bought a car. With my dad. Awesome, no? 😀 It’s a 2003 Honda Civic, 2 doors, awesome black. Yay ^^ This is what it looks like.

I want This game.

Yay… I have nothing to do after school now, except anime club. And Mandala next monday. Shitters, I have to pick poems… no. 🙁

mood: Very moody, changes quickly. Yay for the menstrual cycle!!!
song: “The Green Eyes” – Coldplay