Hm, still Tuesday…

Another fun couple of days of Mike and baseball. He got to start yesterday and he’s starting tomorrow as well. Adams got hurt again. Darn, too bad for him. 🙂 Today Mike didn’t do so well, but he didn’t know he was going to catch and he was catching Hughes, so I think we can forgive him. We still won. 🙂 He made some great plays today and yesterday, go Mike, you’re the best! 😀 Tommy Lasorda [former coach for the Dodgers] was at the game today watching Hughes. 😀 He’s gooood.

Um that’s pretty much all I have to say… Vanessa’s in CO and I miss herrrrrr. I hope she hates Regis and decides to stay here. 😀

mood: Pumped up for nothing! 😀
song: “Honestly” – zwan