“I don’t have low self-esteem… I just have low esteem for everyone else”

Haha yes. I’m listening to the .hack//SIGN OST “Key of the Twilight” right now, and I must say it is quite enjoyable. Also I just wrote “si” instead of “is” and it reminded me of A Passage to India… “God si love…”

I’m happy that for the next week I will have no school. It really really brings joy to my soul. A lot. Every waking second will be filled with fun. 😀 Maybe I’ll make a quiz or something fun on the computer.

Who else is kind of tired besides me? I know Mike is. Tonight we’re going to help with a junior high thing with his church. I must say that Mike is a wonderful and beautiful soul to be around. Today when I finally got tired of people picking on me and let it show, he cheered me up. 🙂 It sucks sometimes when people have to look for the bad in a situation instead of just being happy for you. It’s okay though, because I’m not going to change what makes me feel good in order to please those around me, most of whom won’t even be in my life a year from now anyway.

Deancy came for a visit today, it was awesome. :)_I wanted to introduce her to Mike, but she seemed more interested in commenting how I was all over him instead of meeting him. Sometimes people shouldn’t judge what’s on the outside, you know?

The happier I become, the more I realize that I’ve surrounded myself with negative people, and that’s not fun. Sarcasm and hurtful jokes can only go so far before they penetrate the protective shell.

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