I guess I’ll actually write something now instead of c/ping

Making websites is fun, just thought I’d interject that. What a great word interject is… I should use it more often. And speaking of things I should do more often, last night would be one of those things.

It occurs to me I haven’t made a real post since Tuesday, shame on me! Well we had practice on Wednesday, rally on Thursday [I didn’t drop, thank god]. Before the rally I had lunch with Mike, since we got out of periods 1 and 2. Yayyyy!

There’s a funny story about the rally. I was hoping that the baseball team would sit at the front sideline, so Mike would be able to get the maximum exposure to the show, and they were seated at the front. This brought great joy to my soul. But it gets better. He was sitting right in front of where I perform about the last half of the show! Yay. 🙂 But the baseball team was hooting and calling and pointing at Mike for me… slightly embarrassing. When I was setting up my flags, Mike Adams asked me if I was Mike Cragg’s girlfriend… I said Yes and ran away. Those guys scare me. 🙁 So yeah, it was awesome, and Michael was quite impressed. As he should be!

After the rally I went to Kevyn’s house to make a Spanish video… oh my goodness, laughing my ASS off. It’s so funny, my favorite parts have to be David Lux on the big wheel and Michael Holtz getting flour in the eye [I’m sorry…]. We were filming the Spanish version of The Shining, with Kevyn as the Mom, Mike Holtz as Jack, David as Danny, and me as the narrarator/ scary girls in the hallway. We had to make it snow outside for the last scene, so we got some flour, and David’s girlfriend, Christina and I threw flour at Mike and David. During one of these tosses, it hit Mike right in his eye… It was sooo funny. By the end we were covered in flour, but it was all good and fun! 😀

After that Mike Holtz took me home in his sweet ride, and then I washed the flour out of my hair and awaited the lock-in. I was kind of tired and not in a very good mood, but maybe that was just when my Mom talked to me. For some reason every word that came out of her mouth just irritated me. I was hoping the senior lock-in would lift my spirits up, and it did. We played some 13 [Yay we kick ASS at that game], some DDR, and an extremely obsene [sp?] game of What If? Then… and around 1:30 or so we settled down to watch Office Space. I couldn’t really hear it so I gave up on watching it and just cuddled with Mike. *_* That was my favorite part of the night, lol. We slept until 6, and then Mike’s mom and Menchi came and took us home. I slept for about 5 hours at home, and gave up sleeping after 2 phone calls waking me. So in conclusion, yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

Today is the GUARD SHOW at SANTA MARGARITA HIGH SCHOOL. I’m SO EXCITED!! I feel bad for all the seniors who went to the lock-in last night who have to work it today, hehe. We’re going to practice for a while, eat dinner and watch A Goofy Movie, then perform, awards, clean-up, go home! Yay for no school today. 😀 And props to Jen for picking mostly Friday shows, I like getting guard overwith and just having fun/working Saturday and Sunday. After this, we’ll only have one more show, then Championships, then no more guard competitions FOREVER! God, that brings such JOY TO MY SOUL.

Also got rejected from UCSB. The fact that I got rejected from there doesn’t really bother me as I wasn’t planning on going there anyway. The only school I haven’t heard from yet is UCI. I really really want to get in there, and I’m kind of scared now that I might not get in there. I was expecting to get rejected from UCLA, but the fact that I got rejected from UCSB kind of makes me think that maybe I’m not a shoe-in for UCI. I mean, my SAT score sucked. I keep telling myself that my ACT score ruled, but it’s not helping. 🙁 1160 is a bad SAT score, and I can’t remember what I got on my SAT II. I remember that I got a 570 on the US History portion, I think a 520 on math and I think a 740 on the Writing. So yeah, I totally thought I was going to get into UCSB, but now that I didn’t, I’m scared that I might not get into UCI. Then I’d have to go to UCD and I don’t want toooo. I don’t want to leave So Cal, I love everything about this place. It’s not really because of people, but the atmosphere. I love being able to go to the beach whenever I feel like it, LA rocks my socks, San Clemente does too. Maybe I should expand out of my bubble and go elsewhere, but I don’t feel the need to. APU is close to here, too. 🙂

Enough crying about college now…

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