In N Out 2 days in a row = what every week should be like

Is anyone else really looking forward to a late day tomorrow? Yo. What was my day like…? Filled with joy and happiness of course! I went to Mike’s baseball game after school, which was frigid to say the least. Mike’s mommy joined me during the second inning [yayyy] and we enjoyed a homerun, in addition to some other plays which led to a victory for the eagles. Jared Hughes, the star pitcher of the team, only pitched for one inning… not fair. Mike didn’t get to play either, the other Mike hogged the plate. >P Maybe next time… I really hope they play him soon. 🙁 Mike’s mom reminds us to be patient, but it’s not fair. Everyone should get to play. 🙁

In other news, Mr. Cope totally schooled us in Physics, it was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. He just went off on how bad it is that we’re completely blowing the last semester of high school off. In response, I say that I concentrate on what really matters: Mike, Friends, Family and Fun! Then school, then guard. My priorities are totally screwed up. 🙂

Also the senior lock in is going to take place on Thursday! I’m excited! It better be fun or else…

When is UCI going to reject me…? I just want to know…

mood: longing. ^_____^
song: “Hair” by the Cowsills