Harry sucks!

Yes, he stole a note I wrote for Mike, so he sucks now. Today wasn’t the best day ever, but reflecting upon it there was some fun times [right Nick? Hahaha :D]. I’m too negative about my life, I think that’s true of a lot of people in my age bracket. We tend to only look at the bad, and not the good. True, we got a lot of shit going down, like being rejected from colleges and potential lovers, in addition to impending war; but we also have lots of friends who love us [or pretend to anyway], we are lucky enough to live in a prosperous society, and even people who hate us want to live here. 🙂 So in conclusion, I think I should stop focusing on how I’m failing physics and instead focus on the things that really matter!

Wednesday sucked! I was so tired and cranky, but Mikey made it all better of course, like he always does. I slept for like an hour before guard, Monica and Kelly came to visit us too. Guard was awesome since we had the gym. Today I had anime club and we made fun of Weiss Kreuz the whole time! It was great :D!

Right now I’m listening to the “Tarzan” Soundtrack and I love it, it’s really good. I mean, it’s Phil Collins, how can you go wrong? It’s just so happy and upiddy!

We have the Sadie Hawkin’s dance tomorrow, I’m so excited, it’s going to be soooo freaken fun :D! Me + Mike + Dancing = Too much fun :D!

Oh yeah, guard has to perform at the spring rally next Thursday. Me = *shoots self*

mood: Stressed / Happy!
song: Tarzan Soundtrack!! I think it is injecting endorphins into my system because I’m too freaken happy.