What a weekend!

I haven’t updated since Thursday, wow. So on Friday we had a minimum day at school, and then after school I had to go get lunch and then drive down to San Diego. We stayed in the very plush Embassy Suites! Once we dropped our stuff off in our rooms we went over to the mall across the street and got some food at the food court. Yay Panda Express. 🙂 Then we went back to our rooms, changed, and drove to Westview High School. That high school is soooooo nice. It’s brand new and it’s HUGE! So we went on first in our division [ew] but we also placed first in our division! Yayy! We had fun watching the other guards [which we don’t usually get to do] especially the scholastic and world guards. One guard did a routine to a medley of songs, one of which was “Hot in Herre” by Nelly. It’s my song 😀 Then we went to the hotel and hung out for a while.

Saturday we enjoyed a very nice buffet and then trekked over to Sea World. I bought Michael a pair of hugging penguins [everyone thought they were very cute] and myself a pen. We went on some water ride [why, I don’t know] and Alison got so soaked! I was kind of bored and irritated sometimes, but overall it was a very fun trip. Especially with Alison seducing the other drivers with her dances in the van, lol. As soon as I got back I went over to Mike’s house, and we helped his dad try to put their new chanelier in [needless to say… it didn’t work out very well] and we had an adventure trying to find the Pick up Stix. But we finally found it, and stopped in at The Wherehouse to check out it’s closing sale. Then we watched Spy Kids 2! It was very good in my opinion, not as good as the first one of course. Then I went home. 🙂

Today I went to church and then I went to UCLA with Mike and his parents to see Greg in “Death’s Jest Book,” some very depressing romantic play written in the 1800s. It really sucked, not to mention it was 2 1/2 hours long. Greg was very good in it in my opinion, he should pick a better play to be in next time. 🙂 After the play we went to Tommy’s, some burger place near Fountain Valley that I “had to try,” according to Mike and his parents. It was the most fattening burger I have ever tasted, but it was good. It had chili and cheese and all other kinds of greasy crap on it, my kind of burger! 😀 It was so greasy that it soaked through the paper wrapping and the napkin I put under it on to the table. 🙂 Then we drove to the church to pick up mine and Mike’s cars, and then Mike and I said goodbye. ;D On my way home I got a flat tire… It was scary ._. Fortunately it happened almost right on my street, so I walked home and my dad changed the tire and drove it home. Mike got worried that I wasn’t home on time and called me to make sure I got home okay. Awwwww!!!

I kind of write too much routine and not enough thought on this thing. Oh well! 😀

mood:Content. 🙂
song: Just the way you are – Billy Joel