What a wonderful weekend!

Yeah I had a very nice weekend. Once Michael’s game was over, and he did some homework, he called and I came over, and we played uno with his family, hehe. I got last place, it was all Mike’s fault. He gave me like 8 draw four cards in a row. Then we watched Reign of Fire [stupid] and Dragonheart [haha… both dragon flicks] then I went home.

Sunday I went to church then we went to El Torito for lunch. We had that Guacamole dip… my lord it was sooooo gooood. Then I went home for about an hour, did a little bit of homework and Mike did too, and then he asked me to come over again. We went to the beach for a while, then had some dinner, watched the Grammy’s, played video games, then I went home. Yay. 🙂

Today went alright. It seems like everyone is getting together with someone suddenly. Nick Gardner just got together with this girl he likes, Jessica Bruschi and Shyam Bajaj got together over the weekend, apparently Jessica Congelliere did too, but I don’t know her. Then there’s Lisa and Harry, Amanda and Devon, and me and Mike. How funny! Love is in the air. I have to head out to practice soon, boo.

This weekend we have another competition, and then they’re forcing us to go to Sea World on Saturday *weep* I don’t want to go. It’s going to rain, maybe it will be cancelled. 😀 And also I might be going with Mike to see his brother Greg’s play at UCLA. Fun 😀

Maz is still sick, poor kid. On that note, time for homework!

mood: Content. ^_^
song of the entry: Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love