Duude. I’m posting. Weee.

Apparently seeing your blog link in my blog has become some kind of status symbol. People are telling me that they get excited when they see their blog on mine. So repay the favor you ungrateful bastards, sign my guestbook!

I went back to school yesterday. It really sucked, I promise. lol. Not that I don’t love seeing my friends everyday, but I’d rather not be at school. It was such a struggle for me to remain awake… Ew. But we had rehersal for the play after school, it was soooo funn!!! I don’t know why, all we did was sing. ^^; Then we went to Guard [bleh ><] where Vanessa and I proceeded to make animal sounds the whole time. Tee hee. I also made the astute observation that "I am so over colorguard." The only reason I do it anymore is for the p.e. credit. If I quit now, I'd have to make up 20 [10?] credits. Anywho! Today the groupies and I dressed up for fan day in our shirts. Look for the pics on the site soon. I also got the last 2 Love Hina DVDs in the mail today. Thanks T-dog! w0rd! :D! Also went to see Jane today — productive.

Mm… I think that’s all.