Hey hey, I know I haven’t posted in almost a week! Smite me, smite me now! Not that any of you care/read this.

Yay I’m getting a new server soon for erin-nicole.com ^^ I’m so excited! i miss my baby 😀 I can’t wait until it’s up again, then I won’t have to use blogger anymore.

This weekend everyone is busy, so I’m going to be home alone tonight. But at least I have my FFIX to keep me company! [With which I am almost finished!]

Color Guard practice started up again… Yes that makes me so happy. We’re hosting a guard show this year… shoot me now.

Yay on the 21st I’m going to Mexico to do service. Why is this fun, you ask? WELL! I don’t have to go to a family party that night because of it! [*_*] Thank you Jesus. Last thing I need is everyone teasing me about what a baby I am, how I can’t take a teasing, blah blah blah. I seriously hate family gatherings. No matter what I do, I get harassed for it. I’ll probably get harassed on Christmas anyway, oh well.

I went to my first appointment with the therapist last Tuesday. I actually liked it, even though I was really nervous at first. She’s really nice. I think I’ll talk to her about this whole family thing. I didn’t really get to last time.

Ummm yeah I think that’s it… A certain person I know is extremely annoying, I’m afraid I might blow up at this person soon, which is unfortunate because they are extremely vulnerable and fragile. But I can’t help it.