Video Game List

This is a list of video games I’ve played inspired by my Book List. This list will include games I’ve completed and those I’ve played part of.

Video Game, (year published-platform). Publisher. Year played/Complete/incomplete. Genre. Comments.

This list last updated June 16, 2005.

Bases Loaded IV (1993-NES). Jaleco. 1993/incomplete. Sports. I hated this game! My brother always used to force me to play it. Wah.
Bump N Jump (Unknown-Intellivision). Vic-Tokai. Unknown/incomplete. This was my favorite game for the intellivision. I don’t remember much about it except there were little cars and it was FUN!

Castlevania, (1987-NES). Konami. 1990s/incomplete. Action. Ayy this game used to scare me! Amazing how primitive it looks now.
Chrono Cross, (2000-PS2). Square-Enix. 2004/Incomplete. RPG. This is the bastard of the Chrono games. I hate this game, it is so boring and retarded. Don’t waste your money or time.
Chrono Trigger, (1995-SNES). Square-Enix. 1996/Complete. RPG. I LOVE this game! I can still play it today and the graphics do not bother me one bit. I love the storyline, the gameplay, this game just rocks. Also I think it may be the first game I ever beat?

Disney’s Aladdin (1993-SNES). Majesco. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. One word — FUN. I loved how you could swing on stuff. I used to rent this from Blockbuster all the time.
Disney’s The Lion King (1994-SNES). Majesco. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. YAYYY I loved this one!! Aw I want to play it now.
Donkey Kong (1986-NES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. Who hasn’t played this game ok?
Donkey Kong Country (1994-SNES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. This thing is a really fun game, one of the best Nintendo ever made. I love the level with the mine carts!!
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest (1995-SNES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. I loved Dixie. 🙂
Dr. Mario (1990-NES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. Puzzle. I love this game! It’s so fun… with the little pills…

Excitebike (1985-NES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. This is so fun! I don’t know if it was the Intellivision version or the NES version that let you build your own course, but that was my favorite part.

Final Fantasy IV, (1991-SNES). Square-Enix. 2000/Inomplete. RPG. Usually graphics don’t bother me, but in this case it did. If the storyline weren’t so stagnant maybe I could overlook them.
Final Fantasy VI, (1995-SNES). Square-Enix. 2004/Inomplete. RPG. I really like this game, I really do! And I’ve tried to play it so many times throughout the years! But something always gets in the way. Soon, dear VI, we will be together and I shall defeat you…
Final Fantasy VII, (1998-PS). Square-Enix. 1998/Complete. RPG. This is my favorite FF game! I love FFVII, in my opinion the best gameplay and storylines of all the FF games.
Final Fantasy VIII, (2000-PS). Square-Enix. 2001/Incomplete. RPG. I stopped playing this game uhhh because it sucks? My least favorite of the games.
Final Fantasy IX, (2000-PS). Square-Enix. 2001/Complete. RPG. Aw, I liked this one. It bothered me how all the characters were chibi at first, but after a while I grew to like it quite well. Yay.
Final Fantasy X, (2001-PS2). Square-Enix. 2002/Incomplete. RPG. The classic I-got-stuck-and-couldn’t-figure-it-out syndrome. It’s okay, I like IX and VII better.
Final Fantasy X-2, (2003-PS2). Square-Enix. 2004/Incomplete. RPG. I liked it, but not enough to keep on going I suppose. It’s a fun and cutesy game.
Final Fantasy Tactics, (1997-PS2). Square-Enix. 2002/Incomplete. RPG. Too hard. Much too hard for me, a wussie.
Full Metal Alchemist & The Broken Angel, (2005-PS2). Square-Enix. 2005/Incomplete. Action/RPG. I like this game! I may finish it yet, but as of now I got to a really hard part and I don’t know if I’ll beat it, lol. Yayyy for being a wuss.
F-Zero, (1991-SNES). Nintendo. 1991/Incomplete. Racing. A new twist on the racing game, it’s futuristic… but gets old fast.

Galaga (1988-NES). Bandai. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. Can you say shooting little spaceships is fun? Because it is.

The Legend of Zelda (1987-NES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. RPG. Just hearing the little 2 bit electronic theme brings chills down my spine…
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1992-SNES). Nintendo. Unknown/Incomplete. RPG. The best Zelda game in my opinion.

Mickey Mousecapades (1993-SNES). Acclaim. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. The first gory fighting game I can remember. I loved all the different finishing sequences…
Mortal Kombat (1988-NES). Capcom. Unknown/Incomplete. Action. I hated this game! It was so hard I couldn’t get very far in it. Sucky game.
Ms Pac Man (1993-NES). Namco. Unknown/Incomplete. Maze/Adventure?. Ms. Pac Man. Need I say more?

Pac Man (1993-NES). Namco. Unknown/Incomplete. Maze/Adventure?. What are you, Pac Man? Are you cheese? Crackers? Both? The world may never know.
Paper Boy (1988-NES). Mindscape. Unknown/Incomplete. Adventure. Quite possibly one of the most challenging games for Nintendo. But it afforded hours of fun.
Paper Boy 2 (1992-NES). Mindscape. Unknown/Incomplete. Adventure. Not as good as the original, but then again, what is?
Pipedream (1990-NES). Bullet Proof Software. Unknown/Incomplete. Maze. SO ADDICTING!

SimCity 2000, (1996-PC). Black Pearl Software.. All my life/incomplete. SIM. Pretty much the only PC game I ever played.
The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants, (1991-NES). Acclaim.. All my life/incomplete. Action. Fun, But I never got past the first level…
Skate or Die, (1988-NES). Ultra Soft.. Unknown/incomplete. Action. I just don’t have the skill.
Skate or Die 2, (1990-NES). EA Sports.. Unknown/incomplete. Action. Still don’t have the skill.
Solstice, (1990-NES). Sony Imagesoft.. Unknown/incomplete. Action. I just don’t have the skill.
Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting, (1993-SNES). Capcom. Unknown/incomplete. Fighting. Capcom makes the best fighting games, I love the Street fighter series. GO CHUN-LI!
Super Mario All Stars, (1993-SNES). Nintendo.. All my life/incomplete. Action. I love how it has all the old games and new, very handy. 😀
Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt, (1988-NES). Nintendo.. All my life/incomplete. Action. I sucked at the Duck hunt! And I knew all the short cuts by heart. I never beat it though…
Super Mario Brothers 2, (1988-NES). Nintendo.. All my life/incomplete. Action. This one was so fun! You could choose to be any of the characters, and the princess could hover and Luigi was really weird… FUN 😀
Super Mario Bros. 3, (1990-NES). Nintendo.. All my life/incomplete. Action. Oh Mario. This was one of the most fun games of Mario on NES. Love it.
Super Mario Kart, (1992-SNES). Nintendo.. All my life/incomplete. Racing. SO FUN!! I LOVE MARIO KART!
Super Metroid, (1994-NES). Nintendo.. All my life/incomplete. Action. Why was this game so harD? Or was that just me?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, (1989-NES). Ultra Soft.. 1990/incomplete. Action. Yayyy this one was great!
Tetris, (1989-NES). Nintendo.. Always/incomplete. Puzzle. ALL WORSHIP TETRIS. NOW.

Xenogears, (1998-PS). Square-Enix. 2000/Incomplete. RPG. While I’ve heard this game is good, I could never get into it.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, (1988-NES). Nintendo.. 1991/incomplete. RPG. Yayyy this one was great!

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