Job Interview.

I have a job interview set for Monday, I’m so nervous. This is the first job interview I’ve ever been on. I hope everything goes well. I’m just so nervous right about now. I really hope I get this job. It would be so awesome if I could work at this place. Wish me luck!!


This first week of school has been crazy. But, as the great Bogey says…

“It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

-Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

By the way, whatever happened to the name Humphrey? I think we need to bring that back, people.

The following cut contains extensive whining c/p’d from my beloved {DMB}. Thanks everyone there, I love you all.

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The Times, They are A-Changing

I’m excited for this week to be over. Why?

  • It’s Mike’s last week at his current job.
  • Sunday, Mike and I are going to see “My Fair Lady.”
  • This weekend the Tilly’s factory is having a sale.
  • It’s my last week of classes for the semester.
  • Um, yeah that’s about it. Mike also got a new car:

    sweet ride

    My dad says that it’s a lemon. :tongue: We’ll see. Mike’s really excited about it, he’s happy that he still gets to have a convertible. But his is used, they got it for about $17k. It’s about that color, too.

    What else have I been up to? Well, after last Friday I was pretty stressed, so I spent the night and rest of the weekend cleaning my room out. Took down all my posters, unloaded my shelves, dusted and re-organized. I’m still not satisfied with the way my room looks, but oh well. 🙂 I had a lot of anime posters and such on the walls, while I still love the genre I felt like it doesn’t really represent me. So what does? Good question. 🙂

    Transitioning from teen to adult is weird. 😮

    Sick, and not in a perverted way.

    Since around Saturday, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. At first it was just a sore throat, but around Monday my nose started getting sniffly, and yesterday a cough and serious stuffy nose set in. Now I’m miserable, drinking pukey TheraFlu and blowing my sufficiently raw nose all morning long.

    Mike is on a new schedule for school, and I must say it’s pretty sucky. He goes Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 7-11:30, and then Thursday afternoons until 4:30. His job can’t give him Thursday nights off because two other people have night school that night, so Thursdays are the killer day for him as he has to work from 5:30 until closing (usually around midnight). :depressed: So far, they have been giving him Mondays and Wednesdays off of work, which is really nice because he doesn’t have school those days, and I don’t have work. So after I finish up with school around 1 (when he’s waking up) I head over and we spend the afternoon and evening together. I am also taking a Pilates/Yoga class (called PiYo) with the vampires at 24 Hour Fitness on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it gives Mike an excuse to get out and workout. It’s so awesome how our schedules seem to meld like that. They even gave him a Friday night off a couple of weeks ago. 😯

    In other news, I did my taxes and I should be getting a hefty lump of money from the Feds. :star: The state is giving me $4, haha. Thanks Governator. 🙂 I’m already planning what clothes and shoes I am going to spend this money on, but half of it will be going to register Baby Black for another year. :depressed: Ah, the joys of auto ownership. I always look forward to summer not only because I have no school, but I can work more, which means I can buy items that I’ve been putting off, like seat covers for my car (save the interior!), shoes (Currently I have 1 pair that fit), T-shirts, etc.

    That’s my boring life in a nutshell. 🙂 And an update on the Bio fiasco, I just took an exam on Monday… and scored 84%. 😀 YAY a B! Hopefully my grade will go up *_*

    Early Christmas Presents

    I got this shirt from {Vanessa}. It says: “Cubic Cube. I think that square is the top of cool shape in the world.” Thanks!!

    I got this, along with a Tink mug, at my work Christmas party. Isn’t it cute? I also got a bottle of Dom Perignon (sp?) at my work Christmas party… yay. 😕 Guess I’ll be drinking that in a couple years, hehe. I got a watch rfom my grandma at our family Christmas party. Yay!

    An interesting Anecdote from work.

    At my job, one of the things we do is send out technical newsletters to programmers and other such computer-type people with riddles in them. The happy people answer the riddles, and the first three with the right answer get a prize (a t-shirt, woo hoo). It never fails, that in the answers I get from each of these mailings (we do several a week) at least one person will assume that I am a man. Even though it clearly says “Send your answers to Erin.” Alright, alright. I can see that some dimwitted people might get “Erin” and “Aaron” mixed up, thinking that “Erin” might be the male way to spell it. Well, let me clear that up for you now my ignorant little pretties, if someone spells their name “Erin,” that person is female. But that isn’t what my smart contestants limit themselves to. People actually change my name, in order to make it male! I’ve gotten Aaron (Yes, they have corrected the spelling of my name for me. Of course I’m a man, I just forgot and spelled my name the female way!), Eric, and Ed. After many months of chuckling and shaking my head, I must speak out. Females are capable of solving riddles! I know what is going through the minds of these men as the send off the answer and see the name “Erin.” “Erin? As in a female? Oh, that must be a mistake! Everyone knows that females aren’t smart enough to solve riddles! I’ll just happily correct that mistake and send my completely wrong answer off. There. They really should be more careful about proofing. Erin? What a joke!” Well, I hate to throw a wrench in the incricate machine that is the male programmer’s mind, but women can and do solve these riddles everyday. In fact, there is a woman that sends in the right answers consistently! What do you think about that?

    So please, in the future, before you start thinking, “A challenging task headed by a woman? There must be a glitch in the time space continuum!” Remember: Women can think, contrary to what your wives and mothers demonstrate.

    It’s been a while…

    Thanks for the comment: no one!!

    So guys… time to start commenting, lol.

    What’s up with me? Basically my spring break sucked. I worked everyday at a job I hate. But you know what? It was worth it! Because now I don’t have to work for… get ready… 11 days! I know, I’m excited too. And I’m also really excited because I got The Warning Sign Fanlisting!. Maybe I shouldn’t be announcing it yet… I’m just so excited that I finally finished it, hehe. Thanks Katie for giving it to me. ^^ Oh damn! I was going to do this new photoblog project but I forgot about it. Ah! I have so much to do for my site! I need to:

    • make a new layout for Why can’t I be you?
    • find people to host on it. I’m going to let people have a page and show off their costumes. Interested? Drop me a line or leave a comment.
    • Make a new layout for my daily grind page (which I’m renaming to my photoblog or something… “visible invisible girl: the photoblog,” lol)
    • add more quotes and lyrics to utterances
    • update my blog semi-regularly!

    What am I doing here? I gotta get going! ta! ;D

    Damn you, Tyler!

    Where do I know the name Bertrand Russell from?! This will plague me for the rest of my days.

    Today I did homework [hoorayyy…] and laundry [double hooray…]. Tomorrow I have work again. 😛 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that last week I read The Picture of Dorian Gray. I liked it. Ol’ Oscar was pretty pre-occupied with all things grotesque, wouldn’t you say? I also watched an episode of Kanon [yeah, I can’t read that either]. It bugs because their mouths are so close to their noses. I just can’t get over it. I need to burn Eacaflowne already, but I’m so lazyyy. 😛 I’m also going to burn a CD for Vegas this weekend. Yay — I’m so excited!! Anyway, I have tons of Kenshin to watch, catch ya on the flip side. 😀