Being overrun

It seems like spam has gotten a lot worse lately. I thought I would upgrade my WP from 1.5 to the latest version this weekend, but my site was down conveniently when I got a chance to do it. 👿 So hopefully tomorrow night I will have the gumption and desire to attempt it. After standing all day and work and then working out afterwards, I am kind of beat. 🙂


Yesterday I helped {Jessie} (from {DMB}) get her new WP layout up, isn’t it cute? I think she’s already on her way to having a lovely blog. 😀 And she had some really great ideas for the layout and design, so I think once she gets the hang of CSS and coding she’ll make some awesome stuff. Yay! 😀

Also sometime this week I want to make {Vanessa} a new layout. I’ve been thinking about moving her over to WP, but if my domain ever goes down then she’ll be out all those entries, i.e. she wouldn’t be able to import all the WP entries to blogger. So keeping her on blogger is best 😀

Confusing spam.

This morning I logged into my WP admin expecting the usual comment spam — Texas Hold em, Online medications, etc. Instead I received a barrage of compliments! Have any of you other WP bloggers out there received this spam lately?

At first I couldn’t decide if it was spam or if really, a bunch of random people had started showing up to my site! Huzzah! But no, I have concluded that unfortunately, it is spam. Very odd spam.

Were you wondering about the comments?

Yeah, me too.

I was wondering why no one was commenting… So I thought hey, maybe I should check it out. So I found out that hey, comments weren’t working! And to make a long story short, all comments will be moderated from now on. The Spam protection plugins worked so well… that they blocked legitimate comments! So if your comment doesn’t post right away, don’t worry. It just needs to be moderated. 🙂


Pros and cons of WP 1.5

Don’t get me wrong. I love me my WordPress. But I don’t appreciate the fact that my Linkifier plugin doesn’t work with it, along with my LJ AutoUpdate Hack. The theme making business is also a bit daunting, but I really love the new themes system. It was exactly what I was looking for in a new theme system and more! For each theme, you can customize the header, footer, index, sidebar, etc files; they are all includes. In the past, you could only make new CSS files and manipulate the style of the blog, you couldn’t actually change the content depending on the theme. I really like the new system, because now on each footer I can add in where I found the image and other miscellaneous credits. Or I can use images for the menu on one theme and not for another theme. It’s really nice. 🙂 I miss my old WP themes, but they were ugly anyway (for the most part). I might move some of them over once I figure this thing out though.

This weekend was pretty fun, I participated in the DMB Blogathon on Saturday and on Sunday I spent time with Mike and his family for Easter. 🙂 It’s nice to be able to relax after stressing out about school for the past three weeks. 🙁

Also, I need to update these smilies x.x


I just used my first hack for WordPress *glows* :cheerful: At first it didn’t work, but then I re-c/p’d the code, uploaded it, and it worked. 😕 So now all of my WP posts should automatically post to my LiveJournal.

It all started out when I saw that {Bubs} had installed a certain LJ plugin. I thought it would be cool to have my WP entries go to my LJ, so I installed it. I had tons of problems with it though, and not nearly enough dedication to fiddle with it, so I looked for another one. And I came up with this hack. Here’s the homepage for the hack. 🙂

Theme making fever.

I am in a theme making FEVER! I have made like… 3 new themes in the past week or so. But I can’t help it. 🙁 and I have to say, I LOVE this one! It’s so like… contemporary and cool, and so unlike me! Well, I have to say, I had some help with this one. I got the image from (what would I do without them?) and I heavily modified the Banana smoothie theme at It looks a bit funky in IE, but what doesn’t? It still works, fortunately. Anyway, if you aren’t sure if you’re using it, ENJOY!


Last night, on a whim, I decided to upgrade to WP 1.2.2. Ha. HA! It wasn’t a complete disaster, but I wasn’t able to login all morning. The culprit? For some reason, the functions file didn’t get upgraded. Future reference: never upgrade through fantastico. It is crap. Anyway, hopefully I won’t have anymore problems. I still need to fix my User online plugin, but I’ll do it later.