How to fix disappeared WordPress comments

I’m not sure if this happened after an upgrade or something, but I logged in to WordPress this morning and found that ALL comments on the blog had disappeared! No approved… no pending… no spam. I knew that couldn’t be right, so I did some research and found this post on the WordPress Support forums:

Been using WordPress for years without hitch. I recently however upgraded to 2.9.1 and nobody can now post comments. If I try to post a comment, the page goes blank (on this url

Worse, all my previous comments from 606 posts appear to have disappeared (at least it says they have on the dashboard).

I’ve contacted my administrator who says my database in phpmyadmin is fine – though the comments table says ‘in use’.

I logged into phpMyAdmin and sure enough, the comments table says “in use.” I scrolled down a little farther and this comment seemed promising:

In Cpanel click on MySql Databases. On the next page you should see your MySql DBs. click on the “repair” button for the db you are using for your site. Hope it helps. Worked for me and I had the same problem.

I had some trouble finding this “repair” button and once I found it, I thought I would do a little step by step for others that had problems. This is using phpMyAdmin version 3.4.5.

Step 1: Log into your cPanel (located on your server, separate from WordPress) and then log into phpMyAdmin. Click on your WordPress database. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER.

(click to enlarge)

Step 2: In the list of tables, locate wp_comments and click the check box next to it.

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Step 3: Scroll down and choose “Repair Table” from the drop down box.

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Step 4: Success! It’s been repaired successfully.

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And now all my comments are back, even those lovely spam comments 😀

See, that wasn’t too hard! Hopefully that helps you!


WordPress is like a whole new world! I’ve updated to the newest version of WordPress and it’s kinda crazy.

Also kinda crazy is how I haven’t updated my website in 6 months, wow. That’s pretty sad. I just feel like I can’t be as open on this website anymore as I am on livejournal, where I can control who reads my posts, and I actually get more feedback, too.

I’m thinking about incorporating my Shared Items on Google Reader page into my blog, since I update that almost daily.

Hooray, upgrade!

I’ve upgraded WP to the latest version, finally. I’ve been a bit too lazy to upgrade to 2.6 for a while now, but I really like it! 🙂

I’m also working on getting a new theme up, which actually inspired my upgrade, haha.

I’ve also finished putting the first version of online for a good friend of mine. Check it out and let me know what you think of it. I am thinking of adding a message board on there — a really simple one. Any suggestions for a good, light weight, simple script?

How do you create your WordPress themes?

I’m really interested and curious to find out how other people come up with their themes for WordPress. Although I really love the blogging tool, my one complaint has been how hard it is for people like me, who aren’t that familiar with PHP, to successfully get in and create their own themes. There are some guides out there for people like me, but unfortunately I find a lot of them hard to understand and not too user friendly.

Normally I’ll begin in Photoshop and do a mock up of what I’d like my final theme to look like, including link colors, text colors, and etc. Then I’ll go and try to find an existing theme (usually from my collection) that will fit this idea. I then tweak the CSS and code around to get the theme to work, and I always give credit to the original creator of the original theme. Sometimes the theme works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Lately I’ve been contemplating building a theme from the ground up, without borrowing code from other themes, and it’s a little daunting. How do I start? Should I just build a page without WordPress in mind using CSS, and then try to fit WordPress into it afterwards? Should I try to build my theme around WordPress functions I know that I want to use?

Other things I try to do when envisioning a new theme is to check out the websites of my esteemed peers. 😀 Websites like,,, (even though it’s down at the moment), and are all created with that clean, sophisticated, and elegant style that I love. There aren’t too many elements distracting you, all are very simple and clean and all of the elements match well and work well together.

How do you go about creating your themes? What is your process?

Upgraded to WP 2.2.1!

Please excuse the dust, I’ve just upgraded to WP 2.2.1!

And let me know if you notice any errors 🙂

*edit* 3:32P — Well, I’ve been trying to restore my custom smilies but I’m still having some trouble. So I guess I’ll have to stick with the ugly default WP ones for now.

Now I’m going to install some new plugins. Hopefully they will make it easier for me to update this site!

One plugin I’ve installed is Comment Timeout. This plugin automatically closes comments on posts older than 120 days old. And I’ve also installed Bad Behavior, which is supposed to be a really good plugin to guard against spam. So I’ve opened up comments without moderation, hopefully I won’t be inundated with spam… *crosses fingers*

Comments now functioning.

One thing about upgrading WordPress I hate is that comments never seem to work after I’ve upgraded. that’s because for each theme you need to upload a new comments page. Well I knew all of this, I’m just a lazy sloth and never got around to it. So comments work now, you’re welcome! Now comment and tell me how much you missed me. Also I fixed smilies. It was a simple upload of my old vars.php.
So far this summer has been super busy. I have Greg’s wedding next weekend and all the prep that goes with that. I’ll be really happy when it’s over! Tomorrow is the bride’s Bachelorette party, but since I’m poor I won’t be going with them. They’re going to Disneyland, and with tickets at over $50, plus food, plus souveniers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were over $100. I just can’t afford that right now unfortunately 🙁

Well, my neice’s baby shower is today, so I need to get off of my dead butt and clean up a little bit. Yes, my neice is having a baby. That will make me a great aunt at 21. Help!

Upgraded to WP 2.0.2!

I’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and it’s so… colorful! I love the new admin panel. Haha, I know, I’m slow. Well, this post is to test out how things are going. So far my hide/cut text plugin doesn’t appear to be working.. I guess that’s no big loss, I never used it 😛

*edit testing out linkifier — nevermind it doesn’t work.

&+*edit again — installed akismet, hopefully that helps with the spam. something is wrong with my WP grins… i’ll figure it out later when I’m less tired x)

I added a new page: 150 movies in 2006!!