Comments now functioning.

One thing about upgrading WordPress I hate is that comments never seem to work after I’ve upgraded. that’s because for each theme you need to upload a new comments page. Well I knew all of this, I’m just a lazy sloth and never got around to it. So comments work now, you’re welcome! Now comment and tell me how much you missed me. Also I fixed smilies. It was a simple upload of my old vars.php.
So far this summer has been super busy. I have Greg’s wedding next weekend and all the prep that goes with that. I’ll be really happy when it’s over! Tomorrow is the bride’s Bachelorette party, but since I’m poor I won’t be going with them. They’re going to Disneyland, and with tickets at over $50, plus food, plus souveniers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were over $100. I just can’t afford that right now unfortunately 🙁

Well, my neice’s baby shower is today, so I need to get off of my dead butt and clean up a little bit. Yes, my neice is having a baby. That will make me a great aunt at 21. Help!

Bridesmaid stuff.

Well, yesterday was an eventful bridesmaid day! I went to David’s Bridal and picked up the final version my dress, with all the alterations done and everything. By the way, it’s this dress (Style # 8660 in Apple). I’m SO glad that’s out of the way. The alterations I had to do on it cost the same as the dress itself, weep. My damned big ass.

After that, Teresa and I headed over to a little bridal shop pretty much a couple blocks away so I could try on some bridesmaid dresses (again). Teresa is letting her bridesmaids pick pretty much any dress they want, as long as it’s in the right color and material. The first time I went I thought I liked this dress (style #369 in Pomegranate), but when I went back again I realized that I didn’t really care for that dress at all because the detail at the waist was in a weird place and made my waist look… well, weird haha. When I went back I tried on this dress (style # A6242 in claret) and decided to go with that one. You can’t really tell in the picture but it’s just below the knee and has an option for straps, which I may go with, I haven’t decided yet. I’m really excited that I finally ordered the dress!! Hopefully Teresa’s other bridesmaids will get on the bandwagon now, hehe. The maid of honor is most likely getting this dress (style #442 in Pomegranate), one of the other maids is probably getting my first choice, and the last maid is probably getting a shorter length one like mine.

I really like how she’s letting us choose our own dresses. Since all of her bridesmaids live all over the country (one in San Francisco, one in Portland, one in Boston, and me in Orange County) it would have been too hard to order them all from the same store so we could all get our dresses from the same dye lot, so we might as well have different dresses, too. Plus this way we’ll all have the dress we like the best and feel the most comfortable in. I’ll probably do the same thing if I ever get married. 🙂

Only two weeks until Greg’s wedding and 5 months and 2 weeks until Teresa’s wedding! I can’t wait!

Going to be a Bridesmaid!! part 2

Well, not to be outdone by my sister {Teresa}, {Kristin} asked me last night to be one of her bridesmaids. 😳 I said yes of course, as long as the two weddings aren’t on the same day, since they are both planning on June weddings. I don’t want them to be on the same days anyhow, since I want to go to both of them and I want Mike to go to both, too. But if they are, I’ll have to go to my sister’s and Mike to his brother’s. 😥 That won’t happen, though.

They both want them outside in Orange County too, isn’t that funny? ANYWAY, she was totally cool with it, of course. So now I’m going to be a bridesmaid in TWO weddings! I hope the dresses aren’t too expensive. :tongue: EXCITEMENT.

Going to be a Bridesmaid!!

Well, my second oldest sister {Teresa} just got engaged to her boyfriend of almost TEN years, {Dustin}!! 😀 They have been together since high school, and they have been graduated from college for a couple of years now, just to give you an idea of how long it’s been. :loveeye:

ANYWAY, she called me yesterday and asked me to be her bridesmaid! :angel: I’m so excited! But this is pretty much the first person that’s really close to me that is getting married, so I’m pretty clueless as what to do. :faint: Teresa says that I have to help her plan the wedding whether I want to or not (which I totally want to!!) and she’s waiting until I turn 21 so we can go to Vegas for her bachelorette party. :star:

So have any of you been bridesmaids? What did you do? Have any of you had bridesmaids before? is there anything that they did that you loved/hated? Anything they didn’t do that you wish they would have? 💡

By the way…

I’m sure you noticed by now that I renamed my blog, ‘invisible girl.’ vanessa knows where that came from. 😀

We have to do presentations in school, and I still have to choose my topic. I don’t know what to do it on… 🙁 I need to pick something relevant that interests me. Nothing that’s relevant interests mee. 🙁 I need helpppp.

My weekend was coool. I went shopping on Friday with Vanessa and Terinn. I got a lot of cool stuff! Like… cargo pants, brown shirt, pink off the shoulder cool shirt with grey stripes, a grey skirt that’s really cute, and a pink bra! 😀 And a Care Bears hankerchief. 😀 Then Mike, Maz, Vanessa, Greg and I all went to the Spectrum and saw Scary Movie 3. And it was scary — scary how dumb it was. But it was okay because I was with my friends. 😀

Saturday I made the new layout [and first] for dare to slack.. Then I went to Mike’s and we… oh yeah! We went and picked his car up from the car… place… Then we went to Pinkywear and shopped more for me [Mikey is the best!] and I bought a new pair of jeans and two pairs of earrings. And then we went to Ralphs [even though they’re on strike — oh! we’re such rebels!!] and bought strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. *_* Then we went back to Mike’s house, chilled, then went to Karsten and Vanessa’s Wedding. This is a different Vanessa than the one I’m always talking about. ;D It was really cute, albeit plain. I’m sure they didn’t have a ton of money to piss away on a wedding. 🙂 By the way, Karsten is a youth leader at my church. 🙂 After that, we went back to Mike’s house for [after picking In N’ Out up for dinner] to watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Can you believe that was 22 years ago? Neither can I.

Sunday went to church, and then we had lunch at Carmel’s. Yumm. Then Mike and I did homework. Then Mike went back to college. Boo. 🙁

Watched Inuyasha again at Anime club today. I got a 90% on my history midterm — yayyyy. And I got 100% on another math quiz. I took a test in Speech today. I don’t feel so good about it. 🙁 At least I knew the essays! I got 100% on the last one… I hope I get an A on this one, too. Doubtful. :
I need to study more… ja!