Anime Expo 2011

Today I went to Anime Expo hosted by the SPJA in Los Angeles, CA. This year marked the TENTH year in a row that I’ve attended the convention! (See some of my other posts about it.)


Me at Anime Expo 2011!

For the past few years I’ve just been going to the exhibit hall and this year was not much different. I bought Final Fantasy Anthology, which contains Final Fantasy V & VI; Final Fantasy Chronicles; a Super Mario chess set; some stationary and of course, an official Anime Expo shirt! Overall I had a really good time, but it’s probably the last year I’ll go. I haven’t been as into anime/manga as I used to be; and plus, content is so much more accessible with the prevalence of the internet. And I don’t really relate to most of the attendees anymore, since I’m no longer a teenager! I had fun these last ten years, but I’m ready to hang up my hat, especially since moving to Riverside… it’s not such a close drive anymore!

My best friend and I at Anime Expo 2001.

Thanks for the memories, AX!

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I just beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii. I’m so happy I finally beat it, haha. But also a little sad! I really liked this Zelda. I never got too much into Windwaker, and I didn’t have a gamecube, so the last Zelda i really loved was A Link to the Past. I’m still watching the ending credits/cut scenes as I type this, lol. I thought it was a little too east at times, but overall it was a really satisfying game. I’m not sure what I’ll play next! Maybe I’ll unlock some characters in SSBB or play some more of my puzzle games. The Wii really is a great system. 🙂


My brother just told me about this totally fun and addicting game called GLACE:

Glace is a high-energy side-scrolling game that has been designed to be unique, easy to play, and fun for all ages. Collect gems and magical items, help new friends and battle enemies across 12 levels in four distinct environments. Enjoy an action packed and colorful world, complete with an excellent soundtrack and a lively cast of characters. Glace is available free of charge from the download section (no spyware or adware either).

it reminds me of mario or kirby :3 it’s really fun, try it!

Stupid Jury Duty

The professor for the only class I like this semester (Contemporary Novels) told us on Tues she was called in for Jury Duty the next day, and if she was picked then she would not be in class for the next 10 days. I sincerely hoped they wouldn’t pick her. She was going to post on BlackBoard whether or not she was picked last night.

She was. 🙁

So now not only do I NOT have the only class I actually like for the next 2 weeks (because after 10 days is our Spring Break) I still have to get to school at the same time, thanks to traffic and parking. If I leave even 10 minutes later it takes twice the time to get to Fullerton and the parking is full up to the top floor of the parking structure. So then I’ll have to do nothing for 2 hours just so I can go to classes I really dislike. Where is the justice?? 🙁

In good news, I’m slightly ahead in my classes so the last few nights I have rejoined my Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker game. I don’t know if I’m almost done with it but I think so… according to the walkthrough I’m halfway through (at the part where you rescue Aryll at the forbidden fortress). So Mike plays WoW while I play Zelda haha. I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

Hope y’all are doing well!


Santa was very good to me this year, and to my Gamecube! Mike and I went into the holiday with three games and came out with 8! Sweet! I was very blessed this holiday.

From my parents I got a gift card to Victoria’s Secret for $50, Geisha: A Life by Mineko Iwasaki, The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro (which I have already finished reading), Mario Kart: Double Dash for Gamecube, this Jane Austen six book box set, and these sketchers shoes.

From Mike’s parents I got pink Bicycle playing cards, a jeweled barett clip thing, this tank top that says South Beach in Silver and has sequins along the neckline, this brown sweater thing, a Rip Curl silky jacket with brown faux fur along the hood, and this fleece pajama set, except mine is red with white snowflakes.

Our friend Jorge got me a Kuronekosama bobblehead, Maz got me Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life as did Greg and Kristin, so I traded Maz’s in for Mario Party 7!, which is really fun so far. Greg and Kristin also go me The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and I’ve been addicted since I started playing, hehe. My brother Chris bought me a platinum Something Awful forums account, which he said he was going to get me last year but never did haha. My sister Teresa and her boyfriend Dustin got me the Bend it like Beckham DVD, $20 gift certificate to a salon nearby, a butterfly jewelled barret and… Snowman poop. Teresa wrapped the snowman poop and once I opened it, she laughed at my disappointed face lol and then gave me my real presents. What a sweet sister!! :smirk:

Now, the moment you all have been waiting for… what my lovely Mike got me for Christmas!! He got me the VS flannel pajama, only mine is black with pink stars on it and matching slippers aww. Also he got me a pair of jeans and this digital angel tee . I was surprised he didn’t get me the “I’m blogging this” tee, haha.

On {DMB} we also did a Secret Santa gift exchange. These are the gifts I received:

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Vanessa’s Present.

One day when I was visiting Vanessa up at LMU she was telling me how her room is really plain. So I thought for Christmas I would try to get her something to jazz up her room. But was still thrifty as I am a poor student hehe. Finally I came up with a solution: a memoboard! It’s like a fancy bulletin board with ribbons and buttons and shit on it. So I bought some adorable Dora the Explorer fabric (she has a Dora pillowcase) and go to town! This is what I came up with:

It has red ribbons with purple star buttons at the intersections.

Hope she likes it. 😳 She’s not quite as obsessed with cute things and pink as I am, but I tried to make it as tame as possible hehe.

She got me this really cute cami and sweater from American Eagle:

And Maz got me Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. My boss gave me a $50 American Express gift card. :nosey: I was really surprised. Right now I’m going to Mike’s to open presents with his family. I’m so excited!! :cheerful:

Newest member of our family.

We got him last Saturday, isn’t he precious? He was $99 and came with Super Smash Bros Melee and one controller. A couple days later I bought the second controller and a memory card. Last Wednesday we went to buy a game and came back with HairPo. So far I think I like it more than Mike. I’m playing as Hermione. 😳

Does anybody have any game reccomendations?