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2015-09-28 18.24.50

When I was working on the many flying geese units for my Sunburst Quilt, I thought about tossing the so-called “bonus triangles,” but there ended up being so many that I kept them in this tin. I know Ive heard of others using these HST and I thought I might, too. Lord knows I need more fabric added to my scraps pile [not really] so I hope I can come up with a project for these soon. Jean over at QuiltSocial has some good ideas. If you have any ideas feel free to share them! Hopefully this can be a project I can work on for some time like I intended for the Meet in the Middle project. 😛 Oh well, best laid plans!

Stash Report – 2015 Week 3

I had a finish this week so I can show some movement in my numbers! Woo hoo!

I also finished another couple small projects I mentioned in my stash report a couple of weeks ago, making flat sheets for Henry’s toddler bed. I’m probably jumping the gun a bit, but I have the fabric so I figure I might as well get started. I wanted to buy the fabric now before it sold out or became unavailable. He won’t be needing them for a couple of years, but it will be nice to have them done ahead of time instead of trying to find time to make them when I have a toddler running around. Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today, right? I used this tutorial from Sew Tessuti. It doesn’t have yardage requirements for a toddler bed, but I used 2 yards and that seemed to be enough. I made two flat sheets.

Week 3
Used this Week: 12.66 yards
Used year to Date: 22.46 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 5 yards
Net for 2015: 17.46 yards used

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Stash Report – 2015 Week 2

I don’t have a finish this week so I am not going to count any fabric out… but I didn’t get any fabric in so that’s good! If you’ve been following me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you know that I’ve been a busy little bee when it comes to these Sunburst blocks. The pattern I’m working from calls for 12 blocks and I finished the 12th one a couple of days ago. I’m working on putting them all together and assembling the quilt top; hopefully I’ll have it finished by next Sunday and I can show some movement in my numbers!

Week 2
Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 9.8 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 5 yards
Net for 2015: 4.8 yards used

This week was a little busy for us, by our standards anyway. Michael had a check up with his oncologist at City of Hope, of course it rained that day so it took us almost 3 hours to get there with California rain traffic. Luckily it only took us about an hour and a half to get home since the rain cleared up. His blood work looks good, we are just trying to get him to eat more and maintain his weight. He’s lost about 10 lbs since his surgery because he doesn’t have much appetite and sometimes struggles with nausea. When he does get hungry, can only eat very small portions. He’s been doing well with eating the past 4-5 days though so I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner and his stomach will get back into the swing of things. Mike will be happy to be eating something other than protein shakes! I also had my 36 week pre-natal appointment on Friday, now that I’m in the last month I’ll be going to the doctor weekly until Henry arrives. My doctor is expecting him to weigh 8.5 lbs… oh boy!

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Stash Report

I’ve infrequently done these stash reports in the past, but I get discouraged after so many weeks of inactivity. Not anymore! Thanks to finishing Henry’s quilt, I’ve used up some fabric. I’m going by the fabric requirements listed in the pattern, I don’t have a lot of faith in them but it’s all I got!

(Week 1 for me)
Used this Week: 9.8 yards
Used year to Date: 9.8 yards
Added this Week: 5 yards
Added Year to Date: 5 yards
Yards til Goal: 154 yards
Net for 2015: 4.8 yards used

I bought some really cute fabrics this week, hopefully next week I can count them as used since I’m currently working on a project with them. I bought 2 yards of the first two fabrics; I plan on making toddler sheets for Henry’s bed out of those. The last three were end of bolt clearance items I am using on a new quilt 🙂

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Stash Report

Well I won’t bother numbering these since I’m fairly sure I won’t do it every week. I actually bought these fabrics last year but I never counted them. I just unpacked them so I will add them to my stash today.

The fabrics on top are flannels, the ones on the bottom are regular cottons.

Used this Week: 0.00 yards
Used year to Date: 0.00 yards
Added this Week: 4.376 yards
Added Year to Date: 4.376 yards
Net Used for 2012: 0 yards

I’m sharing my progress over at Patchwork Times, check out everyone else’s progress!

Stash Report – Week of May 20, 2012

This week I worked on Granny Squares from my stash and I stopped by JoAnn’s last night to get some Granny Squares and small yardage. I want to try and use all different pink fabrics on each Granny Square, but that’s going to be hard!! Maybe I’ll use the solids twice at the very least :blush: Here are the new fabrics I picked up:


Also apparently I did last week’s counts wrong so here are my NEW counts:

Used this Week: 0.25 yards
Used year to Date: 0.25 yards
Added this Week: 1.25 yards
Added Year to Date: 1.25 yards
Net Used for 2012: 1 yards

Happy Quilting!!

Stash Report – Week of May 6, 2012

I was inspired by Judy over at Patchwork Times to sit down and measure out my stash of fabric. I didn’t really want to face how much fabric I might have shoved under the bed, lol. After all the measuring and adding, I estimate my stash to be around 97 yards!! :omg: And that’s not even including my scraps bin, which has a couple of charm packs and a layer cake in it… :blush:

I’m going to start as of today; I have no idea how much fabric I’ve used so far and I do not want to figure it out!! So here’s my stash report:

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 0 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 97 yards
Net Used for 2012: 0 yards

I really need to get rid of some fabric apparently!!

New WIP: Positively Perfect

Now that I’m wrapping up my current quilting project, I’m already looking ahead to the next project! I have a whole list going:

  1. T-Shirt Quilt for my Husband
  2. This doily quilt (for me)
  3. Quilt for a friend’s wedding gift
  4. Quilt for Mike’s cousin’s wedding gift

My list goes in reverse importance order… just when I think I’m getting to the end of my list, new things crop up!

Mike’s cousin is getting married in April across the country in Baltimore, MD. Unfortunately we won’t be able to make it, but I still want to send her a present. I’d like to make this Positively Perfect quilt posted last month over at the Moda Bake Shop:

positively perfect

Positively Perfect Moda Bake Shop Quilt

It looks simple and quick enough, and I love the little plus signs. Mike’s cousin is a nurse so they reminded us of the Red Cross medical symbol. 🙂 Jelly Rolls were on sale over at Green Fairy Quilts, so I ordered one to make the process even quicker and easier for myself. I ended up ordering Moda’s Cape Ann by Oliver and S:

Cape Ann by Oliver and S

I love the sweet prints and I think they will translate nicely for this quilt. I think I might make it a little bigger than the pattern calls for by adding another row & column, but I’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully I can get this one done in time for the wedding!

Vintage Fabric Scraps: Any ideas?

You may remember about six months ago, I went to my Mom’s house and relieved her of some of her fabric stash. When I was there, she also gave me a ziplock bag full of tiny vintage scraps:

Vintage fabric stash

I have no idea of the age of the fabrics and my Mom wasn’t sure who cut them up, they could have been her grandmother’s but she wasn’t sure. Some of them are clearly fussy cut, there are different fabric types and varying amounts of each. For example, there are a TON of the white flower with the yellow/orange background, but I’m pretty sure the purple flower below it is the only scrap from that fabric.

The problem is that they were clearly hand cut and not very accurate. They are all around 2″ square but some are bigger, some smaller. It would be a shame to toss them just because of that, so I’ve been thinking of re-cutting them all to be 1.5″ square to use in a project.

Maybe I could use them as cornerstone pieces in a scrappy hourglass quilt…

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Or maybe some Granny Squares…

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Or something like this…

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

This could be cute, too!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

What do you think? What would you do with these scraps if you had your way with them?

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