Design Wall Monday February 6 2017

I am working on basting the Butterfly Blossoms quilt too, but here’s what is on my design wall.

I was ready to baste and realized the batting I had was too small, so I decided to get started on an idea I had for my next quilt. Back when I was making the Hungry Little Caterpillar, Leaves and Berries and Sunburst quilts, I was cutting a lot of bonus triangles and on a whim, decided to save them. If you don’t know, bonus triangles are fabric that are left over from trimming blocks. I thought that some day I might be able to make a quilt from them.

So a few days ago I got inspired to play around with them and see what I could make. Immediately I thought that making pinwheels would be a fun way to use these up. Originally I planned on making the pinwheels more scrappy, but it looked a little messy and confused so I decided to make each pinwheel the same fabric, or as close as I could get. The big pinwheels were all made from bonus triangles from the Hungry Caterpillar quilt. The smaller ones are mostly from the Sunburst quilt, but there’s a couple from the Leaves and Berries quilt and I also dug into my scraps stash to cut a few more.

I came up with this design for the top and I think it looks pretty cute. I’m calling it Rainbow Pinwheels. I’m going to make four smaller pinwheels into a block the same size as the bigger pinwheels. I’ll probably add in some sashing and cornerstones as well. I’m also going to add at least one border, maybe two, but I don’t know what those are going to look like yet.

All of the fabric I’ve used so far I’ve counted as “out” for my stash reports, so I won’t be showing a whole lot of movement on my numbers, but that’s OK. I’m happy to put a dent in my overflowing scraps bin.

Along with the cousin that Butterfly Blossoms is for, I have another cousin expecting a baby and then I just got news that a good friend is expecting a baby, so I’ve got to get cranking on these baby quilts! Good thing these go fast. I’m also thankful I have enough of a stash that I probably won’t need to buy any fabric to finish off this quilt, or the next one.

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Stash Report February 5 2017

Nothing in or out this week. I’ve finished piecing Butterfly Blossoms but I’ll count that once I finish quilting it. I’m still working on basting it at the moment. Here’s a funny picture from when I was piecing the top… I accidentally sewed a border on backwards, lol!

Used this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: 9.75 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 1.5 yards

Net for 2016: 8.25 yards

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Butterfly Blossoms Ready to Quilt

This past week I finished off the top and the backing for Butterfly Blossoms:

As I suspected, once I added the final borders, my need for more purple was fulfilled. I absolutely LOVE how this quilt top turned out. The Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda fabrics really were a great choice for this pattern. I also finished the backing:

It’s a lot larger than it needed to be, but I made the backing too small on my last quilt and it really irritated me, so I wanted to be sure to not make the same mistake this time!

Now I’m all ready to quilt it, but I’m having a hard time deciding how I want to do it. Last time I quilted an applique quilt, I did highly designed quilting around the applique and a different design for the border. I’m leaning towards doing an all over stipple on top of the applique on the white center, and then another design on the purple border, maybe diamonds? Or maybe just a stipple in purple thread.

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Design Wall Monday Jan 30 2017

Design Wall Monday is here again! It may not look like it, but I got a lot done on the Butterfly Blossoms Quilt this week. Especially considering I usually only have an hour or two a day to work on it after I put Henry to bed for the night.

The center of the top is complete! Although now that I’m seeing this picture, I can see I forgot to trim the tail on one of the sashes, lol. I sewed up all of the blocks, cut the sashing and cornerstones and sewed them on. I love the cornerstones. The example quilt was much more purpley than mine is turning out to be, which I was a little disappointed with, but the cornerstones help bring out more of the purples. Once I add the border I think it will look purple enough to me. The directions I’m following are from a video and it wasn’t too clear how wide the borders should be cut, so once I figure that out I will be able to cut those and finish the quilt top.

The top is supposed to finish 56″x66″, a little bigger than I’d like to quilt on my little machine but I’ll get it done somehow!!

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Stash Report January 29 2017

No fabric in or out this week, I am still plugging away at my butterfly blossoms quilt but I’ll talk about that tomorrow during my Design Wall Monday update.

Used this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: 9.75 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 1.5 yards

Net for 2016: 8.25 yards

The rain finally stopped this week, so I decided to hang all of my son’s cloth diapers outside.

They were in serious need of some good ol’ natural sun bleaching. In the summer I used to hang them outside to dry after every wash, but they take so long to dry outside in the winter that I got out of the habit, and it shows. I’ve got a few used cloth diapers coming my way, more is always better! (they were used only for a month and I’ll be stripping them thoroughly before putting them on my baby)

And yes, that is my son’s wading pool from the summer still outside, waiting to be put away… judge not lest ye be judged!!

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Meet in the Middle

Meet in the Middle is finished!

Finished 52″x60″ and made completely out of scraps from my stash. The pattern is a free one from Jo’s Country Junction called Meet in the Middle. My version ended up being a lot more scrappy than I thought, and I made a few mistakes, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

The recipient of the quilt likes the color red, so I used a lot of red for the backing. I used an all over stipple (my go-to these days) for the quilting.

Fun fact: the background fabric I used, the window pane print with the stars and hearts, was fabric my mom purchased to make curtains for my nursery back in the 80s! Obviously she never got around to that project, but I think it looks cute here. I love how stripey bindings look, so I used some stripey fabric from my stash for this binding.

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Stash Report January 22, 2017

It’s been raining here lately, here’s my dog Jetty cuddling up in his bed staying nice and cozy!

New Year, new stash numbers! I’m so happy. I ended 2016 using more fabric than I bought, but only by about 2 yards, so I’m hoping to do better this year. I have a finish under my belt already for this year which I’ll be posting about Friday, it was a fairly large quilt and all from my stash, yes!

I also started a new quilt. I am following the Butterfly Blossoms tutorial by MSQC. I used some Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda Charm Packs that I had bought a few years back for the quilt. Luckily I was able to find some yardage online for the border fabric. I thought I would be able to use some other fabric I had bought last year, but it didn’t look right. Hopefully I will be able to use that fabric for the backing.

My goal this year is to really thin out my stash. The Butterfly Blossoms quilt is for a cousin’s baby due in April and I’m happy I was able to use mostly fabric from my stash to make the quilt. I have another cousin due in May and I’m hoping to exclusively use fabric from my stash. It’s so hard with all these new adorable fabric lines coming out all the time!!

Used this Week: 9.75 yards

Used year to Date: 9.75 yards

Added this Week: 1.5 yards

Added Year to Date: 9.75 yards

Net for 2016: 8.25 yards

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Stash Report Nov 13, 2016

Today my son Henry is 13 months old! Here we are at JDRF’s One Walk last week to raise money to cure T1 Diabetes


Well, I have a quilt finish under my belt, thankfully, so I can show some movement on my numbers. I used a kit to make most of the quilt, and I never added that yardage to my numbers so I’ll just be counting the yardage I used for the border I added and the backing. I’m really happy because I used a few smaller pieces I’ve had forever to piece the back, so now those are out of my stash and just a few small bits made it to the scraps bin.

img_4967 I stopped by my local quilt shop and added some bright white fabric to my stash, I was all out, and picked up some In Dreams (Lavender) By Dear Stella Design to use as a border on another baby quilt. I’m hoping it will match with my Good Fortune Charm Packs from a couple of years ago.

Used this Week: 1.125 yards

Used year to Date: 9 yards

Added this Week: 5.5 yards

Added Year to Date: 11.307 yards

Net for 2016: 2.307 yards

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