I love Threadless!

Last week my favorite destination for tee shirts, Threadless.com had a $10 sale. It was MADNESS trying to get on to the site and order anything (I ended up submitting my order twice — oops!) But I managed to get these three shirts:

Pandamonium in Guy’s Medium

We’re Toast in Guy’s Medium

99 Luftballoons in Girly Large

My favorite is We’re Toast, but it’s kind of really large. I sent Pandamonium back because they have other sizes now, but they’re completely sold out of we’re toast. 99 Luftballoons fits me perfectly. Yay! I hate how fast they sell out of everything though.

Buy from threadless! 😀

Delay. :(

I recently ordered Sailor V manga volumes 1 and 2. I thought they were a steal at $7.30 each. Then a couple days ago I got this email:

Thank you very much for your order. We do not have the books in stock right now, but we will get them for you from Japan and send them out to you as soon as they arrive. It should be about 3-4 weeks. (Sometimes the books are out of stock at the publisher and it takes longer than this.) We will notify you by email when the books arrive and are ready to go out.

🙁 that upset me. Why do they list the item on their site if they don’t have it? At least they are willing to get it for me at no extra charge. For now I’m trying to forget the pain of not getting it for at least a month, but it’s not going well. 🙁 As soon as I get them I plan on scanning all the pages. x) It’s so hard to find Sailor V images on the internet, seriously.

The Sailor Moon manga reprints are even cheaper at $6.90, I’m thinking about buying those, too. 😮

Purchase: Made.

If you’ll remember, a while ago I said I was going to get a new computer. Well, the day has finally come: No calamities have befallen me lately, and I can take the plunge and get it. So this weekend I ordered most of the parts from NewEgg.com but the motherboard was out of stock, so we ordered it from ZipZoomFly.com. It was $4 more. 😛 But the shipping was free, so I guess that made up for it. Today I received confirmation that the NewEgg items shipped, hooray! Hopefully by next week I’ll be blogging from a newer, better and faster machine. 😀

Shiny new things!!

My monitor came in last week, in all its flat LCD glory. Of course I immediately hooked it up and played with it for hours. I didn’t even know it had built in speakers! They’re not the greatest sound quality, but I don’t listen to music on my computer too often, usually I just use my iPod. The only bad thing? It has one dead pixel on the upper right region of the screen. Usually I don’t notice it though, so it’s not so bad. I love my new monitor! :loveeye:

In other news, The Orange County Marketplace is shutting down after next weekend for the Orange County Fair. So last Sunday I took the girls up there and we spent the morning shopping away. I ended up buying seat covers with a Pink Hawaiian Hibiscus type print on it. They’re really cute. And I also haggled down the price of a purse because I was short $4. 😀 Overall it was a pretty successful trip!

Last night I won an auction on DMB for a CUTE Tarepanda notebook! Observe! Hopefully I’ll get it sometime this week or next. :loveeye:

Next weekend is AX 2005 and I still don’t know if I want to go. :notsure: My usual AX posse (Vanessa and Mike) will not be available to go with me this year (the former is in CO, the latter is working). Part of me still wants to go because… hello, I’ve been going since 2001. It will feel wrong to be doing anything else this weekend! And it’s pretty spendy to just go and walk around, doing nothing. I think at the very least I’ll buy a pass for the exhibitor hall so I can buy lots of goodies. :pirate:

I updated My Book List because I bought and read Bridget Jones’ Diary last week. I have a whole list of books I want to read, but the little used book store didn’t have any of them. 😯 Shocked! And on that note, I just made a list of books I want to read here. Suggestions welcome!


I ordered this baby last night! Yayyy soon you shall be mine! :loveeye:

I have started on my way to buying my first computer after the car maintenance fiasco. Unfortunately, although I can still find the venture, money will not be as plentiful as I would have hoped because of the whole car thing. I may have to hold off on the DVD Burner for a while though. Maybe I can survive without it until Christmas and ask for it as a present from my ‘rents. 🙂

Buying My First Computer!

Y’all, I have never owned a new computer before. In fact, this computer I have is my first computer I have to myself. It’s a Pentium II and it’s seen better days. Before that, I used the family computers. Those were old computers my Dad would bring home from his office. I’ve never had a computer that is able to play the new and cool computer games without lagging for years. So my brother is building the computer for me. Needless to say, I’m excited. I’m also getting a new monitor. The one I have now turns itself off and on by itself. 😛 And it’s small, 15 inch. Also, it’s an LCD which I really need, my desk was not made to hold a monitor, and the CRT barely fits.

Here are all the parts:

Altogether it’s $711.93. I almost have all the money for it. I’m sure you all will lecture me on the stuff now. 😀

The Times, They are A-Changing

I’m excited for this week to be over. Why?

  • It’s Mike’s last week at his current job.
  • Sunday, Mike and I are going to see “My Fair Lady.”
  • This weekend the Tilly’s factory is having a sale.
  • It’s my last week of classes for the semester.
  • Um, yeah that’s about it. Mike also got a new car:

    sweet ride

    My dad says that it’s a lemon. :tongue: We’ll see. Mike’s really excited about it, he’s happy that he still gets to have a convertible. But his is used, they got it for about $17k. It’s about that color, too.

    What else have I been up to? Well, after last Friday I was pretty stressed, so I spent the night and rest of the weekend cleaning my room out. Took down all my posters, unloaded my shelves, dusted and re-organized. I’m still not satisfied with the way my room looks, but oh well. 🙂 I had a lot of anime posters and such on the walls, while I still love the genre I felt like it doesn’t really represent me. So what does? Good question. 🙂

    Transitioning from teen to adult is weird. 😮


    I’ve been growing increasingly attached to Thunderbird recently, not only because it’s the cutest little email program ever, but it also introduced me to RSS feeds, and I’ve become addicted. It’s such an easy way to keep track of your favorite sites!

    Also, look at this adorable cell phone charm from ASOS.com. Am I the only one lusting after it (especially since I already own a necklace identical to it, except the wings are white and not pink, but obviously pink is WAY better)?


    Sick, and not in a perverted way.

    Since around Saturday, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. At first it was just a sore throat, but around Monday my nose started getting sniffly, and yesterday a cough and serious stuffy nose set in. Now I’m miserable, drinking pukey TheraFlu and blowing my sufficiently raw nose all morning long.

    Mike is on a new schedule for school, and I must say it’s pretty sucky. He goes Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 7-11:30, and then Thursday afternoons until 4:30. His job can’t give him Thursday nights off because two other people have night school that night, so Thursdays are the killer day for him as he has to work from 5:30 until closing (usually around midnight). :depressed: So far, they have been giving him Mondays and Wednesdays off of work, which is really nice because he doesn’t have school those days, and I don’t have work. So after I finish up with school around 1 (when he’s waking up) I head over and we spend the afternoon and evening together. I am also taking a Pilates/Yoga class (called PiYo) with the vampires at 24 Hour Fitness on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it gives Mike an excuse to get out and workout. It’s so awesome how our schedules seem to meld like that. They even gave him a Friday night off a couple of weeks ago. 😯

    In other news, I did my taxes and I should be getting a hefty lump of money from the Feds. :star: The state is giving me $4, haha. Thanks Governator. 🙂 I’m already planning what clothes and shoes I am going to spend this money on, but half of it will be going to register Baby Black for another year. :depressed: Ah, the joys of auto ownership. I always look forward to summer not only because I have no school, but I can work more, which means I can buy items that I’ve been putting off, like seat covers for my car (save the interior!), shoes (Currently I have 1 pair that fit), T-shirts, etc.

    That’s my boring life in a nutshell. 🙂 And an update on the Bio fiasco, I just took an exam on Monday… and scored 84%. 😀 YAY a B! Hopefully my grade will go up *_*