UFO list

I guess this isn’t *technically* a UFO list since not all of these are started, but this helps me keep track of what’s in the works and plans I have for my to-do list.

  1. Quilt for C: need to decide on pattern
  2. Quilt for baby boy 1 Finished! Click here to see it.
  3. Quilt for baby boy 2: working on making this quilt
  4. Quilt for baby boy 3: need to decide on pattern
  5. Quilt for baby girl 1: need to quilt
  6. Quilt for baby girl 2: I’m going to make this quilt, looks like it will be a GREAT stash buster.
  7. Mike’s T-shirt quilt

That’s what’s on my list! I’ve started on the Indigo triangle quilt already. I’ve finished cutting all the triangles…

And now I need to start assembling. I used the white print fabrics I bought in the Feb 4th stash report for the white parts of the quilt, which I think will make it look a little more interesting. The rest of the fabric was from my stash. I’m excited to get started on sewing, but I have a few projects around the house I need to focus on first, unfortunately!