Carl’s Connect Four Quilt

Finally finished this quilt! I actually finished it back in November but my site has been down for about a month and a half and I just got it resolved. I started this quilt back in August as a gift for my fiance on our first anniversary. It is a pattern from the Country Girl Modern Book by Jo and Kelli Kramer at Jo’s Country Junction.

I used Kona Burgundy cotton for the background fabric at my fiance’s request. Various scraps from my stash were used for the little squares. My fiance is a huge Harry Potter fan so a lot of the scraps are Harry Potter themed. I tried not to use too many florals or feminine colors, since this is a quilt for a man, but the bulk of my quilting has been for women and children so this was a little difficult. I think I pulled it off, though!

The backing is actually an old sheet of his, it was in great condition and great quality so I was happy to use it. Also because it meant I didn’t have to piece a backing! I machine bound the quilt with some of the burgundy scraps. I love using up every bit of fabric I can with a quilt. I love scraps but I don’t want to have too many.

I quilted in an all over loop-de-loop with burgundy thread on top and blue thread on the bottom. This is the first quilt I’ve quilted on my new Juki TL-2010Q and it was an absolute dream. I’m still working out the thread tension (I got the burgundy thread on sale and I think that was the culprit) but overall it was a much better experience than quilting on my old Singer Confidence Quilter. I’ll still keep that one around since it has tons of computerized stitches that will be good for mending and other kinds of projects.

This quilt ended up finishing at about 62.5″x78.5″. I’m still working on cutting accurately and getting a consistent 1/4″ seam allowance so that is probably why my quilt is smaller than the pattern.

So how does Carl like it? He loves it! He’s taken more than one nap with it and in fact put it on our bed, even though it’s too small to fit all the way on there. I’m calling this one a success!