Carl’s Connect Four Quilt

Finally finished this quilt! I actually finished it back in November but my site has been down for about a month and a half and I just got it resolved. I started this quilt back in August as a gift for my fiance on our first anniversary. It is a pattern from the Country Girl Modern Book by Jo and Kelli Kramer at Jo’s Country Junction.

I used Kona Burgundy cotton for the background fabric at my fiance’s request. Various scraps from my stash were used for the little squares. My fiance is a huge Harry Potter fan so a lot of the scraps are Harry Potter themed. I tried not to use too many florals or feminine colors, since this is a quilt for a man, but the bulk of my quilting has been for women and children so this was a little difficult. I think I pulled it off, though!

The backing is actually an old sheet of his, it was in great condition and great quality so I was happy to use it. Also because it meant I didn’t have to piece a backing! I machine bound the quilt with some of the burgundy scraps. I love using up every bit of fabric I can with a quilt. I love scraps but I don’t want to have too many.

I quilted in an all over loop-de-loop with burgundy thread on top and blue thread on the bottom. This is the first quilt I’ve quilted on my new Juki TL-2010Q and it was an absolute dream. I’m still working out the thread tension (I got the burgundy thread on sale and I think that was the culprit) but overall it was a much better experience than quilting on my old Singer Confidence Quilter. I’ll still keep that one around since it has tons of computerized stitches that will be good for mending and other kinds of projects.

This quilt ended up finishing at about 62.5″x78.5″. I’m still working on cutting accurately and getting a consistent 1/4″ seam allowance so that is probably why my quilt is smaller than the pattern.

So how does Carl like it? He loves it! He’s taken more than one nap with it and in fact put it on our bed, even though it’s too small to fit all the way on there. I’m calling this one a success!

Meet Cute Quilt Finish

Another finish under the belt!

This is the Meet Cute Quilt by the Moda Bake Shop Blog. I’ll admit I had some troubles with this one. I tried to be very vigilant about maintaining a quarter inch seam allowance but even so, I had trouble getting the blocks to be the same size. And the blocks ended up being rectangles instead of squares, which made joining them together difficult. It is very colorful though and perfect for a baby. It finished at 52″ square.

I feel a little bad about how late this quilt is. I ended up using a lot of scraps from my scraps bin and about a third of a yard of fabric from my stash for the piecing. The backing was all from my stash, about 3 yards. I had a lot of backing left over actually so I used that to make the binding. I originally planned on having a white binding but I like how the blue turned out. It makes the quilt look a little more boyish.

Here’s a close-up of the fabric on the back. I had this cute Mickey fabric laying around that ended up being perfect for the amount I needed to make the backing just a smidge bigger.

Feels great to have this one done. On to the next!

Indigo Triangles Quilt Finish

When I first saw this quilt, I really admired the colors and the pattern seemed simple enough. Upon further inspection, all the matching points started to make me nervous. I’ve never been really good at matching points or seams, if I’m being honest. But I decided I wanted to try and push my boundaries, push my limits, and I’m glad I did. It forced me to be a little more careful and deliberate with my worth rather than the loosey-goosey, fly by the seat of my pants approach I’ve used until now.

When I initially cut all the triangles, I had these which I shared on instagram…

When I put the triangles on my design wall, it was a disaster.

I decided that there were too many printed blue fabrics, so I dove back into my stash and got some more that were closer to solids. The result was much better, in my opinion. The result is less indigo than my inspiration picture but I worked with what I had and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The quilt finished 41″x43″.

I did straight line quilting along the triangles and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It looks really sharp.

I used a bunch of the left over scraps from the front and some of the rejected triangles on the backing. I even used some leftover triangles from Blue Diamonds. It looks really scrappy and maybe a little crazy, but I was happy to use up the scraps.

Check out that pretty blue polka dot binding! Over all I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. On to the next!

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Foundation Paper Pieced Baby Girl Quilt

I started this quilt last year on a whim when I saw a tutorial for paper pieced blocks making its way around the internet. You can find the tutorial here. I had so much fun piecing these blocks, I’d like to do another one of these quilts in the future.

I finished putting the top together back in January, but put it on the shelf so I could put together another quilt for a baby shower I was invited to. Then I started on another quilt for a baby that was already born. That quilt ended up being Indigo Triangles. Now, the baby that this quilt is intended for is set to make her entrance into the world in the next couple of weeks, so I decided to quilt & bind it at the same time as I quilted & bound Indigo Triangles. Here’s the finished product.

The quilt finished at 41″ square.

I did a simple all over stipple for the quilting.

Here’s a peek at the back. I had enough yardage that I didn’t have to piece a backing for once, which helped this come together much more quickly.

Here’s a closer look at some of the blocks. I had fun fussy cutting with the centerpieces. The snoopy, skunk, little girl and yellow rose are my favorites.

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Broken Frames Baby Boy Quilt

Broken Frames is finished!

I used this pattern to make it. The pattern was super easy to follow and it came together pretty quickly, so I was happy about that. It finished at 39″ square. I quilted it using a simple stipple in white thread on top and back and I machined bound the quilt in the same green I used for the frames.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a big enough piece of fabric for the backing and no more green (except a dark forest green that didn’t feel right) so I pieced together a bunch of baby fabrics with a left over stripe from piecing the front. I love how it turned out and I love that I was able to get so many pieces out of my fabric stash.

One baby boy quilt down, two to go!

Blue Diamonds Quilt Finish

I’ve finished this quilt I’m calling Blue Diamonds:

I had originally planned to make an hour glass quilt, but I was watching the World Series when I was piecing and I missed a step in the instructions, so I had to improvise. I’m happy with how the quilt finished up though. All the fabric is from my stash, slowly whittling it down. The quilt finished at 39″x59,” a great size for a baby quilt. I did a loop de loop FMQ on this one. I got my machine back from the repair shop and it is doing much better holding tension now.

Here’s the back, nothing fancy. I pieced together some flannels I had in my stash. Should be nice and cozy.

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Rainbow Pinwheels Finish

Another finish, this week it’s Rainbow Pinwheels:

I’m very happy with how the quilt top turned out, especially since it is comprised almost entirely of bonus triangles I had laying around. I finished the center blocks and the first white border and thought it was too small, so I added the pieced border, another white border and finally the flower fabric border. It finishes at 44″ square, I wish it were a bit bigger but this will do. It is a good size quilt to use in a stroller or for tummy time.

I have been making so many baby girl quilts lately, I am running out of cute backings from my stash but this red polka dot print seemed to go perfectly with the front of the quilt. When I cut the quilt out of the sandwich, I even had enough backing fabric left over to use for the binding. Talk about using up every last scrap of fabric!

Once again I did an all over stipple for the quilting. As I mentioned before, I’ve been having such problems with my machine and tension lately, so the quilting isn’t as neat as I’d like it to be. The sewing machine is in the shop, hopefully it will get fixed. If you haven’t weighed in on my post about looking for a new sewing machine, please do. I’d love to hear about your sewing machines.

Butterfly Blossoms Quilt Finish

Butterfly Blossoms is finished!

And here’s the back. I had one block left somehow, so I used it and some fabric for the back.

This was made using a tutorial from The Missouri Star Quilt Company. The front uses fabric from the Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda fabric line from a couple years back. Aren’t the fabrics gorgeous?

The back uses left overs as well as some Lavender In Dreams yardage from Dreamscape by Rae Ritchie for Dear Stella fabrics. Here is a close up of it.

The quilt finishes at 51″x65.” I did an all over free motion stipple for the quilting with white and purple threads. I was using a hand me down purple thread which gave me all kinds of trouble with thread tension, so the quilting isn’t as perfect as I would like. I also didn’t do a real excellent job with basting so there’s a couple areas that puff up a little, but no puckering or folds. Here’s some pictures of my favorite blocks:

I love binding close-ups, even though in this case the binding is the same as the border fabric:

This quilt is a gift for my cousin who is expecting a baby girl. Here’s hoping mama and baby love it!

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Meet in the Middle

Meet in the Middle is finished!

Finished 52″x60″ and made completely out of scraps from my stash. The pattern is a free one from Jo’s Country Junction called Meet in the Middle. My version ended up being a lot more scrappy than I thought, and I made a few mistakes, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

The recipient of the quilt likes the color red, so I used a lot of red for the backing. I used an all over stipple (my go-to these days) for the quilting.

Fun fact: the background fabric I used, the window pane print with the stars and hearts, was fabric my mom purchased to make curtains for my nursery back in the 80s! Obviously she never got around to that project, but I think it looks cute here. I love how stripey bindings look, so I used some stripey fabric from my stash for this binding.

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