American Idol results

[21:22] rin: ok who is getting voted off
[21:23] Mikey: hmm…
*Kellie Pickler walks onstage*
[21:23] Mikey: she is
[21:24] rin: one can only hope
*they are separated into two groups onstage*
[21:24] Mikey: its the “you suck” group and the “you did ok” group
[21:24] rin: yeag
*Taylor declared safe*
[21:25] Mikey: good
[21:25] Mikey: hmm i wonder…
[21:25] rin: lol
*Ryan tells Taylor to pick which group he thinks is safe after the break*
[21:25] Mikey: thats just mean
[21:26] rin: haha no it’s awesom
[21:26] rin: e
*the group with Paris, Chris, and Ace declared bottom three*
[21:30] rin: WHAT
[21:30] rin: WHAT?????
[21:30] Mikey: no way!
[21:30] rin: OMG
[21:30] Mikey: how did that happen
[21:30] Mikey: i know
*Paris is safe*
[21:31] rin: OMGWTFBBQ
*Simon predicts Ace will go home*
*Ryan says Chris is safe, Ace is going home*
[21:31] Mikey: yayyy
[21:31] Mikey: thank goodness
*start playing Ace’s clips*
[21:32] rin: “HAD A BAD DAY, blah blah blahdy blah!”
[21:32] Mikey: haha
*Ace starts singing his song*
[21:34] Mikey: haha they cut him off
[21:34] xmyrin: they did? hahaha

Hahaha we’re retarded.

There is no end to our silliness.

[18:26] rin: it was so funny, on easter mike and i went to his aunt’s house and greg and kristin did too
[18:26] rin: so greg is like “what did you do this morning?” to me and i was like uh… homework? and he goes “WOW THAT SUCKS WHAT A GREAT WAY TO SPEND THE HOLIDAY”
[18:27] rin: i was like “??? uhh sorry??”
[18:27] rin: what am i supposed to do you know, join a parade and dance in the streets
[18:27] Vanessa: Hahaha
[18:28] Vanessa: God I just had to contain my laughter just now
[18:28] rin: lol why where are you
[18:28] Vanessa: I just had this mental image of you dancing around in the streets with Aladdin when he’s going to the palace, with like a ribbon dancer
[18:28] Vanessa: I’m in the Psyc village
[18:28] rin: lol!!!
[18:28] rin: awesome
[18:28] Vanessa: Ahhh
[18:28] Vanessa: You crack me up

It occurs to me that I say lol too much. lol!!


[22:43] Mikey: so what you doing now?
[22:43] erin: brushing my tee–OMG SPIDER
[22:44] Mikey: kill it!!!
[22:44] erin: i did
[22:44] Mikey: yayy
[22:45] erin: it looked just like the spider that fell into my bed that one time
[22:45] Mikey: yayy
[22:45] erin: SWEET REVENGE

Working out is hard to do.

[21:45] Vanessa: PS I’m so fat, lol
[21:45] Vanessa: I really really need to work out.
[21:46] Erin: i’m fat too, yayyy

This reminded me of my workout routine that I keep forgetting to mention. I hate cardio. Let’s admit it, anything that makes me sweat more than I do while sitting in front of a computer is ebil to me. So, as you may infer, I’m not a fan of the cardio, and as such I’ve gained about 25 lbs in the past 2 years. WHOA JUMP BACK JACK FLASH. Actually, that’s probably not true. It’s probably more like 15 lbs.

Part of it is because I’m growing (yes, I’ve grown since HS. I graduated somewhere between 5’4″ and 5’5″, but I’m a good 5’6″ now) but part of it is because I just don’t exercise, and that ain’t good for nobody. I figured I’d work on some sit-ups because hey, I don’t mind doing them, I can SIT while I’m doing them, and they can’t be bad for me, right? Maybe they don’t help that much, but they can’t hurt. So I started out with 3 sets of 20 (give me a break, this comes from a girl who can’t run 10 feet, lol) and I plan on progressing as far as I can go. So far I’m up to 3 sets of 40 a night, at least 3 times a week. I really should do them everyday though. 🙁 Let’s hear it for the fat people. 😎

Video for the masses.

Boy O Boy

Vanessa and I had a convo about it, featuring our favorite quotes.

[00:23] Vanessa: War so isn’t awesome!
[00:23] x my rin: i know lol
[00:24] x my rin: i love the guy that has like… 3 teeth lol
[00:24] Vanessa: Haha
[00:24] Vanessa: Haha, seriously
[00:24] x my rin: BOMBS BE ATOMIC!! lol
[00:24] Vanessa: Haha.
[00:25] Vanessa: Bwahaha.
[00:25] x my rin: just like mistletoe… i am totally hung
[00:26] Vanessa: Hahaha
[00:26] x my rin: that was so awesome lol
[00:26] Vanessa: I’m glad you enjoyed it, haha.

Conversation with Tyler…

Excerpts from our conversation, which I though were funny.

x my rin: there’s beaches in canada?
tyler: There’s one five blocks from here.
tyler: But it’s a lake.
tyler: lakes != fun
x my rin: i’ve been to lakes before
x my rin: there are no waves
x my rin: well, there are, but they’re like… ankle height
x my rin: they have no POWA
tyler: Which, really, is the point of going.
tyler: Water isn’t fun unless it’s trying to kill you.

Talking about LG phones:

x my rin: My dad has one, I so lust after it
tyler: I think you should carve an exact copy out of a bar of soap,
swap it with his phone and run like hell.
x my rin: lmao!

Computers can be whores:

tyler: *hugs computer*
tyler: But not too tight, because this computer is a dirty whore.
It’s shared by the family.

Talking about which planet Tyler should name his computer after, and why I know the names of planets and their moons…:

x my rin: You know why I know all of this?
tyler: I hope it’s not because of what I’m thinking.
tyler: Why?
x my rin: Sailor Moon.
x my rin: :DDDDDD
tyler: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking -_-
x my rin: YAYYYY

And a fun fact…:

tyler: Hm, right now I’m thinking Jove.
x my rin: Jove? What planet is that?
tyler: It’s an old name for Jupiter.
tyler: Also used to refer to God.
x my rin: So that’s where By Jove comes from!
tyler: e.g. “By Jove!”
tyler: Exactly.
x my rin: Wow. That is amazing.
tyler: I think that comes close to reflecting the awesomeness of my
to-be computer.

Talking about the coolest pirate of them all… Sir Francis Drake:

tyler: I’m also thinking about calling it “Drake”
tyler: After Sir Francis Drake
x my rin: What did he do?
x my rin: hehe
tyler: He was an english explorer.
tyler: And best of all, a pirate.
x my rin: anticipating my ignorance!
tyler: That’s right, a pirate.
tyler: He’s not one of those new sexy pirates. He’s the cool
kill-you-and-steal-your-stuff pirates.

A naval theme?:

tyler: Hm, this naval theme might be interesting.
x my rin: haha
tyler: If I wanted to be corny I could write a quick program called
“walk the plank” that, when executed, opens the CD-ROM tray.
x my rin: lol!!

The end. 🙂

Wild Rivers?

[16:16] tyler:But you’re from the US, you don’t need to listen to the UN.
[16:16] x my rin: yeah well, you’re canadian… you leech off the US
[16:17] tyler: Phht, we have a strong economy of… beavers and maple syrup.

Muaha, oh Tyler you make me laugh so. Back to a recap of my weekend.

Saturday: I did nothing all day because Mike had to help his dad with some home improvement project, Vanessa was at her little sister’s birthday party, Maz was doing… something… yeah. So I jetted on over to Mike’s around 3 I guess, and we just chilled there all night. He was really tired and not feeling well, so we just stayed in. I made spaghetti for us, and his parents got home around the time when I finished… they thought it was really cute and I got embarrassed. ^_^;

Sunday! Church day. Then Mike and I had a picnic by ourselves on the beach for our 6 month anniversary. Kinda cool to think we’ve been together every day for 180 days. Actually 174, Mike was sick/on a trip for 6 days and I didn’t see him. ^_^; I made that meal, too… I’m not a very good cook, although Mike pretends I am to make me feel better. ^_^ After that we went with his entire family [on his mom’s side] to a Dodger game. Of course they lost, but I think it was kinda fun anyways, and I got to meet a lot of his family that I hadn’t before. His mom is one of six girls [!] so.. that’s a lot of family ^_^;

Monday: I went to Mike’s house and the boys [Maz, Harry, Jack, Chris, Jorge] came over and played Risk while I watched some Fruits Basket [I’m up to episode 14 YEAH]. I got kind of peeved for some reason. I dunno, I was just mad. I don’t like being mad. 🙁 I guess sometimes I feel like all my efforts are for naught. So, as a result of my frustration, anger, sadness, etc., I was at my wits end… and I prayed. I think it actually helped me. Wow, maybe there is a God!

Today: I took my little charges to Wild Rivers, it was cold. yeah. okay bye 😀

mood: tired. ^_^
book: On the Road and almost done!!
song: “Perfect Blue” by L’ARC~EN~CIEL THE BEST EVER.