Finished another book!

I just finished Shelters of Stone, the fifth in the Earth’s Children series by Jean M. Auel. I was glad that it was mostly a happy novel, with no real tragedies like in previous novels!

I was surprised to learn that the author has been writing these books since 1980! That’s when the first novel was published, this most recent novel was published in 2002. Next March she will be publishing the sixth installment, The Land of the Painted Caves. I’ll be reading that when it is released!

Currently Reading

If you follow me on GoodReads, then you have a pretty good idea of what I’ve been reading since we last spoke. Looks like back then I was just starting the His Dark Materials trilogy! What a long time ago that was!

Well, since then I’ve completed the His Dark Materials trilogy (I gave the first and last books 4/5 stars, the second 3/5). I also read the first three books in the Uglies series. Once I finished Specials, I really did not want to have anything to do with the series anymore. I couldn’t take any more!

After the depressing Uglies series I needed something more light hearted, so I started The Princess Diaries series. I’ve loved the two movies since they came out, so I was already somewhat interested. I loved them! I finished all ten books in something like two weeks! I know, I’m crazy 🙂

After watching The Bridges of Madison County on TV one day, I decided to read the book. What a touching and compelling read; I thought the book and the movie complemented each other so well, and the movie definitely reinforced my love for Clint Eastwood!

And my long awaited third and final installment to The Hunger Games, Mockingjay was released this summer! I loved it, I devoured that book and finished it in probably a day or so.

I also read the Millennium series, the first book being The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I loved them and was very happy with the way the series ended. I also watched the first movie, I thought it portrayed the book very well and I LOVED Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth, although I was less enthralled with Michael Nyqvist as Mikael Blomkvist. I thought of Mikael as sexier when I was reading the book. Maybe it fit for Swedish audiences?

Throw in a couple more books (Child Star by Shirley Temple Black, disappointing; Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpern, hilarious) and I am on to yet another book series! This time it is the Earth’s Children series by Jean M. Auel. Right now I’m in the midst of the fourth book, Plains of Passage and I’m still enjoying them, although the forays into description of the flora and fauna aren’t quite as captivating as they were in the first couple of books. I still want to know what happens to Ayla and Jondalar, though!

So what should I read next? I saw that Rick Riordan has a new book out, it is the first in a new series in the same universe as The Lightning Thief. I’m not sure I’m interested, though. I didn’t enjoy those books too much to begin with. I have the Series of Unfortunate Events that I haven’t read yet and the Old Kingdom Series. Any other recommendations?

I met Charlaine Harris!

Charlaine Harris Signing my book

Charlaine Harris Signing my book

On May 8th, 2010 I met Charlaine Harris at a book signing in San Diego, CA at Mysterious Galaxy Book Store. Harris is the author of the popular Southern Vampire Mysterious, which later became the basis for the HBO show, True Blood. She was there signing her latest release in the series, Dead in the Family.

I was so excited to meet her! San Diego isn’t exactly a short drive for me, but once I heard she would be there, I had to go. I was actually at the LA Times Festival of books when I heard about the event as I walked by the booth Mysterious Galaxy had there. Charlaine was so sweet, I loved her Southern accent! There were so many people there to meet her, and she stayed for HOURS signing books, I was amazed!

Charlaine and I!

Charlaine and I!

I can’t wait to meet her again and have her sign my next book 🙂

Since when do I like YA?

For those of you not in the know, YA stands for “Young Adult” novels. You might know of a couple really popular ones, like Harry Potter and Twilight. I didn’t begin reading the Harry Potter series until after the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out, and by that time I was long past being a “young adult,” in fact I was 20 years old. Two weeks later I had the entire series read and I couldn’t wait for the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows to come out.

The same thing happened with Twilight, I didn’t start reading the series until the last book, Breaking Dawn came out. I saw the huge display inside a Borders store the day it came out, got curious and bought the first book. 5 days later I had the entire series read. I tend to get into things at the tail end of them 🙂

Since Twilight, I’ve been reading more YA novels at the recommendations of friends. First was Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series, which I absolutely LOVED. Once I finished Catching Fire, I was disappointed to learn that the last book wouldn’t be published until August 24th of this year.

Next up was the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, starting with The Lightening Thief, since the movie was due in theatres pretty soon. I was actually reading the books over my Anniversary vacation. I thought they were alright, but very Harry Potter-esque. I didn’t like them as much as I liked The Hunger Games & Catching Fire. And The Lightening Thief movie? Incredibly disappointing! Not faithful to the book at all (what is all this business about Persephone’s pearls?), tons of elements of the movie were completely made up when they didn’t need to be, the book was fine as it was.

Now I’m on to the His Dark Materials series, about 100 pages into The Golden Compass (or Northern Lights as it sometimes called). I never saw the movie, and apparently it wasn’t faithful to the book at all so I’m not planning on it. So far I’m really liking the book. It has a parallel universe to our own, much like The Hunger Games, and I’ve found that I enjoy those novels more.

Feel free to comment if you also enjoy YA novels and have some to recommend to me! 🙂

Midnight Sun on hold ‘indefinitely’

So Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight saga) finally posted a reaction to the Midnight Sun leak on her personal website. Needless to say, it’s obvious she’s very hurt by the leak. I can’t imagine what it must be like not only to know that someone close to you betrayed you, intentionally or not, but also to have your hard work splashed all over the internet for everyone to see before you were done with it, before it was perfect, and having to hear everyone’s criticisms of a rough draft. It must be incredibly hard. But I wish she would have a different reaction. So many people have read it (myself included) because we’re so in love with her work that we’re dying to get more. I wish she would see the flattery there, that people love her work so much that we would sit through reading a badly scanned, and in lots of cases out of order, rough draft of a project just so we can get more. And I very much doubt that it would have hurt sales of the book at all, although I’m pretty sure Meyer doesn’t really care about that part of it. At any rate, Meyer has decided to put the project on hold indefinitely because she’s so hurt about the leak, and has posted the project online for everyone to see. And for anyone thinking that they’ve read the leak already, so why bother? This draft that Meyer has posted is longer, by almost 100 pages. So there’s that. (Edit: I just got done reading it, it’s still just the first 12 chapters, but the paragraph spacing is different, so the “official” one is longer.) But I am really disappointed with her decision. I know that indefinitely doesn’t mean never, but any more delay on this is really hard for me, haha. Other than Twilight itself, I haven’t liked any of the other books as much as I like this draft of Midnight Sun. I hope that she can return to this project soon and share it with the rest of us. I am really looking forward to it.

And now, back to (re)reading the Midnight Sun draft!

Another Twilight Tuesday!

When I realized today was Tuesday I got way too excited, lol. Here are some new Twilight tidbits from the MTV Movies Blog:

Ah, now to wait until next Tuesday… 🙂


I just finished reading the novel Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier, which was excellent. I highly recommend it. I also recommend the movie that was based off of the novel, by the same name, directed by the excellent Alfred Hitchcock. However, unless you happen to own it on DVD or VHS, or see it on TV, the chances are that you probably won’t.

Why? Because for some unfathomable reason the studio that owns the rights to this film has decided to let it go out of print, and it has been so for at least a few years now, as far as I can tell. After finishing the novel, I decided I wanted to see the movie again. I went to my local Target and Blockbuster, neither had it. I wasn’t too upset; neither are known for having old movies in stock. I checked online, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s when I discovered that the only places you can buy it are amazon marketplace and ebay (at exorbitant rates). I can’t understand how a film that won Best Picture (1940) and is considered one of the best films of all time could be out of print. I can’t even express how disappointed I am to learn of this…

Busy Busy

Since I last wrote, I’ve posted wedding pictures pretty much everywhere except here, lol. Hopefully I’ll do that soon. I’ve also read Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut (finally!) and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Both are miserable reads, but worthwhile. I’ve been trying to add books I read to my media library as I go, but it’s a daunting task, haha. You can see I barely got through the A’s in my library. I’ve also registered for classes, I’m really excited for them. I made an excel spreadsheet of my schedule… check it out.

I have been blogging, just not here as much. I have a feeling that eventually I may abandon this domain (though I love it!) in the future for livejournal. Although it’s not as customizeable (for me) the community feeling is great and I also like the privacy I can get there.

And I can’t believe it’s already time for me to renew my domain! 2 years this has been my home… I need to do that soon. 🙂