Manga I’ve Read

Here is a list of manga I’ve read, inspired by my other lists. Want to suggest some manga? Comment or use my contact form to email me.

Last Updated July 12, 2005.


Title. Date read. Comments.

Chobits. 2003-2004. This was pretty okay, not that great but I did end up finishing the series.

Fruits Basket. 2003-2004. I have really been meaning to catch up on this but I’ve fallen behind. I have the first 5 or so books, I need to get the rest! @.@ I really like this one so far.

KareKano. 2003-2004. I started reading this after viewing the anime, because the ending was just sooo unsatisfying. However, I fell behind last year and I haven’t had the funds to catch up yet.

Sailor Moon. 2001-2002. Between my best friend and I we were able to collect all of the books in the series and read them all. I love the manga a lot more than the anime, it’s a lot more fast paced and isn’t so drawn out as the anime.

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