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My name is Erin and this is my website. I’ve been writing in this space for over 14 years (trust me, don’t go back that far) and it has evolved from self-centered writings of a teenager to self-centered writings of an only mother and widow. I’m in my early thirties, but you wouldn’t know it from my old lady hobbies which include quilting, reading and scrapbooking. I also enjoy activities more typical of my fellow millenials, such as video gaming (mostly JRPGs) and bingeing on Netflix.

A brief bio: I was born in a Los Angeles suburb in 1985, the last of four children. When I was eight we moved to Orange County (yes, that O.C.) into the house my parents still live in today. In high school I met my husband, Michael, in our senior year religion class. Six years later we married and a year after that we moved to Temecula and started a catering company. Sometime during this time I took up quilting as a way to make gifts for the endless baby showers I was being invited to, rather than buying them.

Almost five years into our marriage my husband was diagnosed with a radiation induced sarcoma stemming from his childhood cancer treatment. After a year of treatment we conceived our first child, a son, named Henry. After two and a half years of treatment and almost seven months after Henry was born, my husband passed away. He was just 31 years old and we had just celebrated our seven year anniversary of marriage (we were together for 13 years altogether). To read more about his cancer story, check out the cancer tag.

Mostly I like to post about my hobby, quilting, but I also post thoughts about widowhood from time to time. Join me as I navigate the waters of my life, the happiness of raising a beautiful and healthy son while mourning the death of his father. And everything in between.

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