Indigo Triangles Quilt Top Finished

Indigo Triangles top is finished!

When I first saw this quilt, I really admired the colors and the pattern seemed simple enough. Upon further inspection, all the matching points started to make me nervous. I’ve never been really good at matching points or seams, if I’m being honest. But I decided I wanted to try and push my boundaries, push my limits for more read more about , and I’m glad I did. It forced me to be a little more careful and deliberate with my work rather than the loosey-goosey, fly by the seat of my pants approach I’ve used until now.

When I initially cut all the triangles, I had these which I shared on instagram…

When I put the triangles on my design wall, it was a disaster.

It was much, much too busy. I decided that the problem was the prints, so I dove back into my stash and got some more blues that were closer to solids. The result was much better, in my opinion. My quilt ended up being less indigo than my inspiration picture but I worked with what I had and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I was very happy to use up some of the blues in my stash. I used up the rest of the whites I had bought for this project to make the border, plus a little from my stash.

Next I’m going to piece together a backing with the leftover triangles and an orphan block from a previous quilt. It will be pretty scrappy looking too. Hopefully not too crazy!

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday.

3 thoughts on “Indigo Triangles Quilt Top Finished

  1. Your quilt is wonderful. I love the shades of blue. The changes you made really changed the look of it. Very nice!! I haven’t used triangles like that and I am curious how difficult you found it – as far as keeping points in the right place, etc.

    • Thanks Bernie! Actually the hardest part about working with triangles was not stretching them since they’re all cut on the bias. I made a mistake on the first row and had to pick out some of the stitches, and totally stretched out a couple of triangles which made piecing them difficult. I ironed some the triangles with starch but I wish I had done all of them that way. The starched ones were so much easier to work with. I used This 60 degree ruler To cut out the triangles. You can use a regular cutting ruler but this made it soo simple. And this blog post Has some great tips for piecing triangles.

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