Introducing: Henry Job

As you might have guessed, I fell off the face of the earth these past few weeks because my baby boy finally decided to make his entrance into the world!

Mama and Henry's first picture together

Mama and Henry’s first picture together

I went into labor at 3AM on October 13, 2015 when my water broke at home. It was just a trickle but I started having contractions so I figured we had better head to the hospital. When the nurse wheeled me into triage she asked me to get out of the wheelchair and change into a hospital gown so she could assess if I was really in labor or not. When I stood up, the trickle became a waterfall, lol! So they went ahead and decided I was in labor and assigned me to a labor and delivery room. 18.5 hours later, my son was born into the world.

Daddy and Henry

Daddy and Henry

Henry Job was born at 9:26PM on October 13, 2015 weighing 8lbs 13.5oz and measuring 22in long. So far he’s been a really great little baby, he hardly fusses (except during the “witching hour,” usually about 5PM-11PM each day) and sleeps really well as a general rule. He lost quite a bit of weight before leaving the hospital, but he’s been steadily gaining weight since then and now weighs over 9lbs.

2015-10-16 17.27.30

I’m really loving being a mom and learning my little guy’s personality. He makes so many funny faces when he wakes up. He’s only 3 weeks old as of today but it feels like it’s been months since he was born. Yesterday we made our first solo trip to the supermarket and it went real well, he slept through the whole thing. I’m still learning our new routine but it gets easier every day. And of course since I’m a new mom, I have tons of pictures of my baby, so enjoy!

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