2014 Quilt Finishes

What a crazy year 2014 was. I’m surprised with all that was going on in my life — cancer, selling our business, recovery and ultimately cancer again — I’m surprised I was able to get any quilting done. But it was a nice distraction away from taking care of Mike. I can’t control his health, but I CAN control how this quilt comes together!!

First up, A Quilt for my niece, Juliette, finished in May 2014:

Another baby quilt finished in July 2014 with Granny Squares:

Yet another baby quilt for a newcomer to the family, Elizabeth was finished in August 2014:

And lastly, a baby quilt for my friends the Studderts who just had their first child, another girl. This was finished in September 2014:

I need to stop being friends with so many people having babies!! 🙂

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