Juliette’s Quilt

2014-05-10 16-1

I started this quilt back in October 2012 with no real purpose in mind other than reducing my rapidly accumulating scraps stash. Then we moved in November 2012 and I got side tracked. I worked on it now and then, here and there without making a ton of progress.

Finally, towards the end of 2013, my sister announced that she was having another baby, this time a girl! I decided to get my butt in gear and finish this quilt for her and the baby, and this past week I finally did. It’s been so long since I finished a quilt (the last was Granny Squares back in 2012, no finishes in 2013!) that I forgot to measure it or anything. I can tell you I did a machine binding with white fabric, and a simple diamond pattern quilting with white thread.

Here’s another view of the front:
2014-05-10 16-2

And the back, these are all flannel remnants from the bin at Joann’s:
2014-05-10 16-3

Feels good to be quilting again 🙂

One thought on “Juliette’s Quilt

  1. That is so beautiful. It’s fun to work on something you enjoy doing. I really love the back too, Juliette is a very lucky niece.

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