Winter is almost over! Well, here anyway

Prunus cerasifera

Our Cherry plum tree, or Prunus cerasifera, is already blooming.

Isn’t that a beautiful sight? We’re enjoying some really wonderful weather here in Southern California. Our Cherry plum trees (also known as Prunus cerasifera according to Wikipedia) are, true to nature, starting to bloom their cute little pink flowers. These trees normally bloom in mid-February, so they’re right on schedule. Later on their gorgeous, deep purple leaves will grow in and stay with us until late autumn until they fall off.

I know I’m so lucky to be living in a place that doesn’t have to worry about a snow storm coming in and wiping these beautiful flowers out. And do you see that blue, blue sky behind the tree? No photoshop necessary — it really is that blue.

Hope winter is treating all of you nicely! If not, don’t worry! Spring is coming just as quickly as it can. 🙂

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