LONG Overdue Wedding Post!

As I mentioned last week, somehow I forgot to blog about my wedding… THREE YEARS AGO! x_x This post is going to rectify that.

The Balboa Inn

On January 17, 2009, after months of planning and nearly SIX years of dating, my husband and I arrived at the Balboa Inn in Newport Beach, CA to get married.

Cragg Wedding 016

Table Numbers.

I made the table numbers, Mike’s aunt Georgia made the centerpieces and arranged the flowers for us.

Cragg Wedding 021


Funny story: my hair and makeup artist bailed on me the day of my wedding, so we had to go to a nearby salon. They were so nice to us, I’ll never forget how wonderful they were.

Cragg Wedding 046

Getting ready.

My mother in law hated my shoes, but I loved my “something(s) blue!”

Cragg Wedding 055

My blue flats. I'm ready to party!

My mom putting on my veil.

Cragg Wedding 060

I LOVED my birdcage veil.

Mike and I decided to take pictures before the ceremony, so here he is “seeing me for the first time.”

Cragg Wedding 082

I believe he said, 'Oh, wow.'

We went and took pictures on the beach…

Cragg Wedding 121

That bald head just catches all the sunlight.

And then walked back to get married.


One of my favorite pictures of the day.

My bridesmaids from left to right: good friends Amber and Vanessa and my sister and matron of honor, Teresa.

Cragg Wedding 173

My father and I.

Cragg Wedding 175

Getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Mike standing up with his groomsmen, from left to right: Best Man and brother Greg, good friends Jason and Nick.


Taking our vows… we laughed a lot during our ceremony, we were just SO HAPPY! Also, Mike’s grandfather married us.

Cragg Wedding 270

Clearly we aren't taking this seriously enough.

Our first kiss as a married couple.

Cragg Wedding 290

You may kiss the bride!

We’re married!

Cragg Wedding 298


And we lived happily ever after.

Cragg Wedding 313 BW

There are a LOT more pictures, but I thought I would end it here (we did have a reception!) You can view all of them on my Flickr, or here’s a set of some of my favorites.

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