My gal Ruby!

When I first started out quilting, I bought fabric on an as-needed basis. As in, only go to the fabric store when I need material for a new project, and only buy the fabric I need. I started reading quilting blogs and I realized that a lot of quilters don’t do that; they save every scrap of fabric left over from a project for their “scraps” pile. And they buy fabric just because they like it, without any specific purpose in mind, and add it to their “stash.” The concept was completely foreign to me… until Ruby.

Lovely, lovely Ruby.

When Ruby came out, I fell in love! I drooled over the prints in the collection. I saw all the wonderful projects that quilters in the blogosphere were making and was intensely jealous. I put Ruby on my Christmas list, hoping Santa would bring her to me. Alas, no such luck. Then last week I noticed some my favorite online stores SELLING OUT of Ruby. I panicked! We were about to be separated forever! I couldn’t let that happen. Ruby HAD to me mine.

When I saw that the Forth Worth Fabric Studio still had some Ruby on sale, I jumped. I still can’t justify shelling out $100+ for a line of fabric, so the Fat Quarter bundle was out. I happily ended up with a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack:


My gal Ruby!

I couldn’t be more pleased or excited!! I can’t wait until I can start a project with my new fabrics. Maybe this Ruby, Pearl and Opal quilt? This Georgia Quilt? Expand this Cathedral Window project into a quilt? A bigger version of this? For as long as it took me to decide to BUY some Ruby, it will probably take me twice as long to decide what to do with it.

What are some of your favorite projects made using Ruby?

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  1. We’ll, if you’re going to fall for fabric, Ruby is a good choice (don’t look now, but Bonnie & Camille have a new line coming out and I am in love with it already!). But I do love me some Ruby…I made a bag with it and my mom made my baby girl a quilt…and I’ve syashed way more of it than I want to admit!

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