2011 Completed Projects!

Here are all of the quilty projects I completed this year!

My brother’s Ultima quilt


Of course, I took the finished product picture upside down.

Bobby Jr’s Quilt

Bobby Jr's quilt

Bobby Jr.'s Quilt

Liliana’s Quilt

Liliana's Baby Quilt

Completed Quilt

Jacob’s first Quilt

Snoopy Quilt

All over shot of the quilt

Dawn & Donny’s Coffee Quilt


The finished coffee quilt!

American Flag Quilt for my in-laws


American Flag Quilt, completed August 2011

Andrew’s Snips N Snails Quilt


Snips N Snails quilt completed October 2011

Caroline’s Sweet Hearts Quilt


Sweet Hearts completed

My Mom’s Camping Quilt


Completed Camping Quilt!

JD’s Silly Safari Christmas Quilt


So Cute!

Scarlett’s Kitty Blanket


Completed Kitty blanket!

I can’t believe I finished 11 quilts this year! That’s almost one a month! :stars: It makes me tired just thinking about it! 😀 I hope I can be as prolific next year!

Happy 2011, thanks for reading my blog this year! I hope 2012 brings you lots of joy, success and happiness!

2 thoughts on “2011 Completed Projects!

  1. Hi Erin! Your quilts are so beautiful and you have made so many of them in one year! Wow! Kitty Blanket is really fantastic!
    Thank you for your visit and comment!
    x Teje

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