Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • @cleolinda brb making these for the citizens of the shelf: #
  • Cue "END OF THE WORLD" fear mongering #
  • @RichJuz CANNOT WAIT in reply to RichJuz #
  • I added a border to my quilt ( last night, hopefully I can add the second border tonight and start the backer! #
  • Made this curry last night, it was yummy, but pretty spicy!! Next time I'll tone it down. #
  • Doggie attempts to sleep through the heat: #
  • OK, done with work for the day, time to get back to this quilt! #
  • @MrsLRCooper I was hoping the cover would be "Please Stay." She performed it in LA this summer and I loved it! #
  • So I laid out the second border last night and it just looked awful. So I'm going to stick with one border on the quilt: #
  • @fuggirls there wasn't enough room for him AND the dress! c'mon, we know what's more important in reply to fuggirls #
  • @cleolinda still adorable as hell tbh in reply to cleolinda #
  • So I used the Spray Basting method outlined here ( to baste my quilt ( and I am LOVING it so far!! #
  • It was so easy to do and it's so much easier to quilt this way without having to worry about pins and such. AWESOME! #
  • i have four hours to play around with my quilt! :3 #
  • I'm going to make the binding right now, it's going to be very piecey #
  • a houndstooth quilt would be so cool! #
  • Decided to bind my quilt using this method: currently slip stitching #

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