Liliana’s Quilt!

This week I finished another quilt, this time for a baby girl. I used a pattern from Debbie Mumm’s Cuddle Quilts for Little Girls & Boys and I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

Liliana's Baby Quilt

Completed Quilt

Most of the fabric used were remnants from previous projects or the bin at Joann’s. The red striped fabric was a garage sale find and the white fabric was stolen from my mother’s closet! The only materials I bought specifically for this project was some new threads, interfacing, the ribbons and ric rac.

Flower Applique Detail 2 - Liliana's Baby Quilt

Flower Applique Detail

This project was my first foray into the world of applique! I was intimidated at first, but it was a lot easier than I anticipated and a lot of fun.

Flower Applique Detail - Liliana's Baby Quilt

More Flower Applique Detail

The little ribbons were a challenge! I had a hard time making sure they stayed straight, even with pinning, and I wasn’t sure how to sew them on without disrupting the details on the ribbons.

Ribbon Detail - Liliana's Baby Quilt

Ribbon Applique Detail

Diamond Quilt Detail - Liliana's Baby Quilt

Ric Rac and Diamond Quilt Detail

I decided to do a diamond quilting pattern on the striped parts, and I was so happy with it!! It came out really cute.

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