I love Etsy!

Last night I bought this beautiful scarf on Etsy for my upcoming trip to Tennessee, where I have convinced myself it will be blizzard-y and arctic-like conditions. In reality I’m not sure if it will even snow! I bought it from KnitFrekkles on Etsy. She has so many lovely scarves and cowls, I wanted to buy them all! Nevermind that I live in California and rarely have the need for a scarf…

Letterpress cards are another thing I love to buy on Etsy. I love pairing my gifts with a fun and original card, not something I picked up at Target. Dude and Chick is one of my favorites. ES Designs makes GORGEOUS jewelry, I’ve bought some as gifts but I have yet to buy some for myself! I even bought my wedding veil on Etsy from QG Designs.

Support your local artisans and buy on Etsy! That reminds me, I need some wedding cards…

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