Jetty Pictures and Video

Jetty, looking dapper

If you’ve visited my Vimeo page, you know that my favorite thing to take video of is my dog, Jetty. I’ve compiled some of my favorite pictures and videos of my dog taken over the spring and summer in this post. View them after the jump!

My books are all over the floor because we had just moved into our new place, we didn’t have a new bookcase yet.

Downstairs dog was barking, Jetty was growling to let me know he was unamused

Jetty and my husband cuddling on the sofa

Being tortured with bacon treats

A gif I made of Jetty licking me 🙂

Feel free to leave pictures of your pets in the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jetty Pictures and Video

  1. I love Jetty! The cutest thing ever, I just said to my brother that whoever doesnt like dogs, must really be insane! And I love the books on the floor. 😉

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