Scarlett’s Quilt!

Right after I finished Jason Jr.’s Quilt, I had to begin on another one because my husband’s brother and his wife were expecting a baby! We were going to have a baby shower in June, so I wanted to have it ready by then.

I used the same book as before, Quilts for Baby: Easy As ABC by Ursula Reikes, but a different pattern.

Again, I went to Joann’s again to buy my fabric. I tried to get some better fabric than the last quilt, I felt like the patterns in Jason Jr.’s quilt weren’t bold enough. These were the ones I came up with:


I usually like to use flannels or equivalent for the backing on the quilts, to give it a cozier feel. For this quilt I used thinner batting, so I was able to machine quilt it rather than having to do it by hand, so the process went by a LOT quicker! I still need work on the actual quilting parts, though. They still end up a bit crooked.

The finished product:


Can you spot which of the squares was put on upside down? 🙂 Despite that error, the mom-to-be loved the quilt and I hope the baby girl will too, once she is old enough!

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