Actor, My Former Crush Brad Renfro Dead at 25

Brad Renfro Actor and my childhood crush Brand Renfro is dead. He was just 25. It was probably drug-related, he’s been having problems with drugs for a while now.

I can’t remember what movie I first saw him in, but I had a serious crush on him, along with Devon Sawa about 10-12 years ago. While all of my friends were drooling over Johnathan Taylor Thomas in Tom and Huck, I was looking at the bad boy, Brad. I just thought he was so dreamy and sexy. I raided Tiger Beat and the like for his pictures, but it was the era of JTT and his pictures were few and far between.

One weird thing about getting older is that people around you start dying. I know this is kind of silly to think since he’s an actor that I didn’t even know and I’m just 22, but it starts when one is a young adult and keeps going for the rest of one’s life. Kinda depressing.

Anyway, R.I.P. Brad. My heart goes out to all his family and friends that did their best to help him.

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