Our Trip to Colorado

We took over 100 pics while we were in Colorado. I’ll try not to post that many 😛

I had some apprehension over this trip. Prior to this I had never really been in snow before at all. True California girl I guess, haha. I’d never been snowboarding, I’d never seen it snow, never driven in snow, you get the picture. I was envisioning a horrible blizzard that would bury the state of Colorado and we would never be heard from again, haha. But of course that didn’t happen. There was snow but not an excess of it, and I packed plenty of warm clothes for the duration of our trip.

our boots matched, and they worked really well in the snow.

The first night in Colorado we drove to Fort Collins, went grocery shopping and got drunk at Vanessa’s apartment, haha.

The next day, Friday, Vanessa showed us around Fort Collins, including Old Town. One of my favorite things about Old Town Fort Collins is the proliferation of small, independent restaurants and sandwich shops.

This delicious sandwich is from a little place called Spicy Pickle.

The building Vanessa works in at CSU.

We were unsuccessful at getting a tour of the New Belgium brewery, so we went home and changed for a night on Old Town.

Old Town Square in Fort Collins at night.

Beau Jo’s in Old Town had really good pizza and served the local brewery’s beer, New Belgium.

We went to a chill bar called Lucky Joe’s and then we went to another bar across the square called Zydego’s, which is more of a dance joint.

Vanessa convinced me to dance on the bar and her friend Cory got up there with me.

Eventually Vanessa got up there, too haha.

The next day, Saturday we drove down to Broomfield and went to a family Christmas party with Vanessa’s mom’s side of the family. That night we stayed at her mom’s house in Broomfield and the next day Vanessa, Mike, Vanessa’s cousin Chrissy, Chrissy’s boyfriend Julio, and I attempted to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. First we stopped in the precious Estes Park for lunch.


The boast of World Famous Burgers drew us in (I was more attracted to the baked potatoes).

It was nice to be inside, outside was really freezing.

After that we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park, until we found out it cost $20 per car to get in. Later we found out the roads inside the park were closed anyway, but the cost was enough to drive us away. Luckily there was a visitor center outside the park, so we stopped there to play in the snow and take pictures.

It was super cold.

Mike got the snowball fight started.


That lake is FROZEN.

After out little excursion we met Vanessa’s mom and sister for a movie at the mall. We ended up seeing Juno, which I loved (the soundtrack rocks, too). We drove back to Fort Collins that night.

The next day we went back into Old Town and caught some lunch at another cute restaurant:

It totally reminded me of Maz!

After lunch we went to New Belgium again to try and get in on a tour, this time we were more successful. Before the tour we sampled some beers.

Da beers.

Cute Holiday display.

Fat Tire bikes.


Tour Guide serving us some Fat Tire.

Cool lighting using beer bottles.

That night was New Year’s Eve, and we had a little party at Vanessa’s apartment to celebrate. Chrissy, Julio, Sam and Bobby came to hang out.

Happy 2008!

The next day we went to Horsetooth and took a hike.

Watch out for yellow snow!

Horsetooth is behind us.

That night we went to the mall in Fort Collins (yayyy I got new clothes at Hollister!!!!111) and rented a movie.

The next day we went snowboarding, finally! We met Sam, Bobby, Chrissy, Julio, and Vanessa’s mom Kathy at Eldora.

Turns out I didn’t like snowboarding, so after lunch Kathy, Chrissy and I went to Kathy’s house to chill while everyone else finished the day snowboarding. That night we drove back to Fort Collins and packed up for our flight the next day. 🙁

The last day in Colorado we meant to go to breakfast, but unfortunately we woke up too late, so we went straight to the airport and made it through security and check in just in time. By the time we got to our gate they were about to begin boarding. Whew!

If you want to view all of the pics from the trip, you can check them out on flickr or on facebook. Overall we had a ton of fun and as long as you dressed properly, it wasn’t too cold. 😀

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