I can’t believe I forgot to write about my UPS fiasco! It was a disaster. I learned my lesson. NEVER ship using UPS. :gr: (Warning, um. This post contains much more profanity than originally intended. Please be advised.)

So when my best friend Vanessa moved to Colorado, I decided to send her a care package as a moving gift/birthday present. Simple, right? I got everything together, but unfortunately it was too late to go to the post office by the time I got home from work. I wanted to print out a shipping slip on, but the site was down! :dead: I checked FedEx’s prices and UPS’ prices, and UPS was lower. So I printed out a slip online, took it to the store, and waited patiently.

A couple says later, I get a call from the UPS receiving facility in Loveland, CO. I forgot to put an apartment number on the package! What a ditz. So I gave them the apartment number, annoyed that my package would be delayed, but still not anticipating any horrible troubles. Boy was I wrong.

Monday was Labor day, so Tuesday I check the package online and it says that it had a delivery error again. I called the UPS customer service line, and turns out whoever I spoke to didn’t put the apartment number on the package when they tried to deliver it again. So that’s TWO failed delivery attempts. You only get three attempts before they give up and ship the package back to the sender. So the UPS customer service said that I had to submit an intercept delivery request in order to fix the address, because technically in order to put the apartment number on there, I had to change the address. Bullshit, right? So whatever, I do it.

THEN the customer service rep tells me that if the recipient isn’t at the location to receive the package, they won’t be able to deliver it. Great! How is my recipient supposed to receive the package? She has a job, it’s not like she can sit at home all day hoping that the package will come while she’s there. So I call UPS customer service back and cancel the intercept request. I want to put the package on will call at the Loveland facility, so that my recipient can just pick it up. The customer service rep tells me that the facility is only open M-F during normal business hours. WTF?? How is anyone with a job supposed to pickup a package?? God this is a nightmare!!

The next day, my poor recipient TAKES TIME OFF OF WORK, begins driving to the facility, and has a stroke of genius. She decides to call UPS customer service to make sure it will actually be there. And what do you think they told her? NOPE. IT IS OUT ON DELIVERY. Once again, the freaking incompetents at the Loveland facility FAILED to follow SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS, and instead of placing it on will call, put it out on delivery. So my recipient went home to try and wait for it for as long as possible, but of course they didn’t come while she was there. She left a note asking the delivery man to leave the package there, but he ignored it.

Once again, I called UPS. This time I ripped into them. Why, I asked, was everyone I talked to unable to follow simple instructions? Why was every request I made ignored? Of course, I can’t get a straight answer. The UPS rep tells me she will have someone from the Loveland facility call me. And when this guy does I rip into him, too. Why is everyone on your staff incompetent? Why is it when a package has been placed on will call, it is sent out for delivery instead? Will my package now be shipped directly to me, now that it has three unsuccessful delivery attempts? He assured me that THIS time it would be placed on will call, for sure, and my recipient would have 10 days to pick it up, from the hours of 12PM to 8PM. Wait. The UPS customer service reps always told me it was normal business hours? No, Tyler from the UPS Loveland Receiving facility assured me. The customer service area operated during normal business hours, not the receiving department. They would be open. And all she needed was a valid ID to pick it up. No tracking number necessary.

So when my recipient goes a couple of days later, what is the FIRST thing they ask her for? A TRACKING NUMBER. :dead: I tell her to tel those incompetents that I was assured she wouldn’t need one. Turns out they were just being lazy and they didn’t need it, but “it makes it easier” for them to get her package from the will call area. FUCK THEIR CONVENIENCE! After all they put me through, and how many hours I spent on the phone with their fucking incompetent employees?


7 thoughts on “UPS SUCKS!

  1. Haha – UPS really does suck. I’ve had close to the same experience, but they just lost the package instead of doing anything about it. It was quite wonderful really /sarcasm.

    Heh – “FUCK UPS!” Could be: Fuck U.P.S! Or Fuck ups! It works both ways 😛

  2. Oh my god I am so worried now! My camera is shipping from MA to TN and the tracking page shows it’s in MD, it’s been there for 4 days. Hmm! I know they might have not scanned it you know… But you never know man I’ve always hated UPS… I hope this turns out well…

  3. RE:never had a problem
    I have an online account (had for over 10yrs). Someone other than anyone from my company has been shipping using my account. UPS tells me they have NO CONTROL over who uses my account !!!!! Then I have to spend countless hours trying to get a credit approved because UPS also can’t just credit my account as the have no access to their own software system !!!! BOGUS !!!!
    DHL looking good so far

  4. I worked for UPS for many years. Used to be a good company but they can’t even retain their employees. No one gets promoted and they just flat out suck. Their pay isn’t competitive and they don’t have enough people to do the work. Besides they don’t even take care of their employees. It’s a real shitty company to work for. I would have never known that unless I got another job doing the same thing for Maersk. I’m a pricing analyst. It’s easier, they treat their people real well, I even got to travel at their expense. Salary is real good and the quality of the people, office and culture is much better than UPS. Fuck them!

  5. UPS Is a piece of shit company.

    Overnighted a package. Still hasn’t arrived or been updated since its arrival at the Kentucky facility. The only update says “Weather Delay” Which is retarded cause its fucking cloudy and thats it in kentucky (I checked the weather).

    It still says its being delivered today even though it never showed up. Customer service couldn’t do dick and couldn’t even tell me where the fuck it is. They “Think” its in kentucky. I fucking live in fucking denver. Bunch of fuck tards. They now “Think” it will show up by tommorrow afternoon!!!!..WTF. Totally unacceptable.

    Oh the “Weather Delay” was at 1:30 in the fucking morning. 16 hours later and nothing still.

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