Road Trip, Part Three!

(Originally, I was going to make a single post about my roadtrip, but it’s so long! I’ll split it up so it’s not so daunting. So this section is Part Three: Pictures.)

So I’m a bit of a dork. I forgot to post the pictures I took of us on that beach in Santa Barbara and also pictures on the way to Davis going over the Golden Gate bridge, but rather than adding it to the post afterwards, I decided to just make another post. So here’s pictures of us on that beach (behind the cut).

Brittani climbed a slippery rock. After that some rocks fell down, it was a little scary!

Oh look, I was there too! You can see some of my serious sunburn, haha.

There’s the rickety bridge down to the water! The waves are lapping up all around it. Also you can see down the shoreline, pretty.

Countdown until this house falls into the ocean! Seriously! And people live in it!

The seaweed and fly infested beach.

Now time for some pictures on the way to Davis. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge to get there.

It was foggy when we first got on the bridge. Isn’t that creepy how the cables just disappear into the fog?

A couple of minutes later the fog cleared completely.


The driver, yours truly.

Teresa, the map!

The photographer in the backseat!

See the rest of the pics from the trip on my Flickr.

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