AX to Change Locations in 2008… again.

Ew, look at what ANN has to say:

At the Anime Expo 2007 closing ceremonies, AX’s chair, Joyce Lim, announced that Anime Expo 2008 will be held from Thursday, July 3 to Sunday, July 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This will be the second consecutive year that AX is changing locations.

Grooosss! This will be the first time that AX has not been within driving distance for me. I mean, I guess it’s still drivable, but it’s far less likely that I’ll be ok with driving an hour and a half there and back by myself. I’ve gone by myself the past two years, but it doesn’t take too long for me to get to Long Beach or Anaheim from my place. Hopefully I’ll know someone I can crash with in LA for a day or two. :

One thought on “AX to Change Locations in 2008… again.

  1. What will happen if they move it outside of the LA area. I figure that will cut the attendees down about 40%. LACC is a horrible place. Id say they should move it to San Diego where they hold the GOP as well as Comic-Con where they have zero issues w/ population and control.

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