Long time, no see haha

Well, I spent the last few hours working on my site! I almost forgot how much I enjoy this place and maintaining it. 🙂 I made a new theme called Zen!. The name was inspired by the spiritual Asian feel of the header image. I hope you like it! I sure like it a lot better. It took me a while to code everything, but it feels so much cleaner than previous themes. I realized as I was finishing up it’s very March appropriate with all of the green! And spring-like, too. Perfect for upcoming spring. Sorry all of you 800×600 users, if there are any of you still out there, I am no longer supporting you, haha. It should work in Firefox + IE, let me know if you have any problems. IE was having trouble with the sidebar earlier, but I think I’ve resolved that now.

Also, now when I bold something, it’s this pretty purple! I know, lots of people probably know how to do that, but I just figured it out, haha.

Hopefully I’ll be posting here more!

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